Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Begging for Forgiveness and Groveling for Advice

Would you rather have bad, boring sex, or none at all? Because my life has been SO, SO dull as of late that I often find it pointless to come here and regale you with my tales of going to class, going to Paper meetings, and going home. But if not posting often enough like I've been doing means that y'all will hate me forever and ever then I will surely come up with the bloggerly equivalent of groveling to keep ya around. So like I said, would you rather have boring sex or none at all? Pretend that I am sex. Huzzah.

Update: ok ok there is a boy that I have a gi-HUGE-ant crush on but I've only seen him twice in person and a million times through Facebook stalking like when he's on the sidelines at football games (in his football uniform, not like cheerleading. Don't play me.) and I happen to be on the track covering the game for the Paper. But he is a vision. Trust me. So what do I do? Lurk around campus, hoping to see him? Then what? I know it's real stank of me to be away for so long and then pump you with advice when I come back but I am desperate and you all are kind and well-versed in seduction. And don't turn into mush when you see a beautiful boy. So help me. Plus, if by some miracle we start something I will have PLENTY of dating shenanigans to document on this here blog! So everybody wins.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry honey, we'll love you no matter what!

I'm rubbish at all this stuff so my advice is not going to be all that helpful. But what about asking him for a quote for your article or something? You're both clearly interested in sports so it's a great opening gambit and it won't seem creepy if it's for the Paper!

Either that or just flash your gorgeous smile and wait for him to come to you!

Anonymous said...

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