Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dirty Myrtle

I'm sick. About to cough up a lung, with a headache, sick. At lunch I had soup and then Odwalla, which soothed my burning throat, but cold, rainy weather pretty much killed my chances of a speedy recovery.

Went to the Morehouse-Clark Atlanta basketball game. I gotta say, I looked cute today, no shade whatsoever. Even though I had to wear a hat 'til I gets my hair done tomorrow. It was fun, but oh, my God. While I was standing around, talking to Morehouse Brother, guess who tapped me on the shoulder? Yep, the Runner. Are you kidding me? My horoscope did say that I would reunite with someone today and that it would be great. Well, there was a reunion, but it wasn't so great. I didn't know what to say to him. It was weird; do I go back to the way things were, even though I was (am) seriously perturbed that he didn't call over break? Do I let him know that? It's never been so awkward with him. And now I really don't know what to do. Who's court is the ball in? His, right? No?I didn't know how to act around him. He probably really won't call now...

If that weren't enough, I messaged Tex two nights ago. He responded, I replied, and that was it. I know, right?! I fell for that sh*t once again...

At the MT meeting, I ran into the cute guy again, and another one. Yum. Again, even though I was sick, I did look rather cute. And skinny :)

God, right now I need to be held. I'm slightly irritable because of this cold and a little lonely to boot. Even though the Pistons won, thank Jesus. I kind of want to go out this weekend and party again, but I don't want to sweat out my hair, LOL. If some tall muscle-y man could swing by my dorm to put his arms around me, I would greatly appreciate it. But you know what? I should scrap this boy business and focus on that 4.0 GPA. I have things to do with my life that can't afford to take a backseat to a (nonexistent) fling. I should. But I probably will continue to be boy-crazy for a minute.

Roommate is debating on whether or not to call the young (older) man that she met Saturday night. Of course I say hell yeah! But not everyone is slightly reckless when it comes to relationships like I tend to be. However, I really want to go to his SuperBowl party this Sunday so if she would get a move on, it would be best.

"Women wish to be loved without a why or a wherefore; not because they are pretty, or good, or well-bred, or graceful, or intelligent, but because they are themselves."
- Henri-Frederic Amiel

Yes? Yes. I agree.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just Between Us

Whew. Today is finally coming to a close, which is a blessing. Just went for a quick "late-night" food run to Wendy's and Burger King. And Krispy Kreme. Girl, if sex is as good as a hot KK donut, well, damn. I had two in the backseat, they were toe-curling delish.

I am realizing the importance of loving yourself and being able to accept help if you ask for it.

I've been called fearless. I like it.

I just want to sleep. Not to sound depressed or anything, but I'm just tired! I don't have much to do tomorrow, so I might crawl into bed early tonight into blissful, abandoned sleep. Maybe because I haven't gotten that much sleep in the past few days (nights), and I have gone nowhere near the gym, either, which makes me, like, hate myself. I feel like sh*t when I don't work out.

My iPod has been doing heroic work for the past few days. Under "Recently Added" is "How You Gonna Act Like That," "Sweet Lady," and "Lately," by Tyrese, "So Anxious" and "In Those Jeans" by Ginuwine, and "Your Body" by Pretty Ricky. Theme: the 90's, duh! LOL--y'all know those 90's/2000's R&B love songs were the best...

Me and Roommate were just looking at the gazillion pictures that I have online, and we realized how colossally ugly we were freshman year. Oh, we had our cute periods, but mostly it was just Ack! What the hell was I thinking/why did you hang out with me during my unfortunate hippie-skirt-over-jeans-with-a-sweatshirt phase?! But prayerfully, things have changed. My, how we laughed at those pictures. Randomly, there is not one picture of me and the Runner. But there was none of me and Tex, or "SuperBowl Boy," either (let's not go there). Oddly there's one of me and Science Guy.

Thanks to the temperamental weather, exposure, and probably a stress-related circumstance, I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat and cough that has not gone away with Rapid Blast, Advil, and cough drops. Yuck. But this raspy voice is kind of interesting...

Damn it, why can't I ever get to bed on time? It's so annoying. I have a date with Tyrese in Dreamland tonight, and now I'm gonna be late! How will I ever make it up to him??

Between You and Me

The Editor-in-Chief totally yelled at us today. He was pissy boots, honey.

But still sexy.

I have so much work to do I should stay up and finish it, but I can't bear the thought of staying up all night working. My body needs to refuel after this bitch of a day.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

If You Really Love Me

This post is being written over a lazy breakfast...the only lazy moments that I will get all day. Last night me and the girls went to the "Stomping Frat" party, which was SO much fun. Let it be known, I will party with them any day (or night). And it was cheap. But honey there were things to see there. And people to see. And parts of people that I wish I hadn't seen. We all danced with different dudes, and Roommate even got a number! He texted her last night. Well, me, because she didn't know what to say and unfortunately, flirting whilst texting is my forte. We shall see what becomes of this, it's just a kiki (a kiki is just someone who's there for a free and clear purpose of aimless flirting. Some might say that the Runner was the ultimate kiki. I say he doesn't exist) or, who knows? They could date and be cute and stuff! But I digress. At parties, I find that dancing with tall, muscle-y guys who know what they're doing is the best. Especially this one guy during the "slow-jams" part of the party (my favorite). He was nice and he put his arms around me during a break in the music. I danced with this skinny guy but it felt like I was gonna knock him over after dancing with two bigger guys before him. And this other guy was good and a little crazy but I think he spilled his beer on me. When it was time to leave, this other drunk frat guy threw his arms around me--and he was not light, and I was wearing heeled boots--from behind and said some stuff. It was harmless and funny as hell.

Roommate and I crashed at about 5am, me in my clothes 'cause I couldn't bear putting my clubbed-out body in my clean pajamas. Which meant that I woke up this morning with my eyelashes stuck together LOL. Then, oh, the scandal, involving last night's plans and an away message. I shan't get into it, but it's silly.

Oh! How could I forget. I did make it to Battle of the Bands with Childhood Friend. He made me lie to the security person so I could get to the lower-level seats. More of our old hijinks, of course. The problem was, we were sitting in other people's seats. Our luck ran out after 3 tries, when these rude men told us to "Get the f**k out" of their seats. I know, right?! So I turn around to pick a fight, but CF drags me up the stairs. We ended up walking around:

Me: "Just think, when we tell the folks back home, this will be funny."
CF: "Yeah, you're right. But not right now."
Me: "Maybe later on."
CF: "Maybe tonight, after a few drinks this will be funny, but not right now."

He makes me laugh.

Now I'm trying to unearth myself from the massive mound of studying and writing that is currently on top of me. And still thinking about those fine Stomping Frat Boys. And wondering where I' m going to find clean clothes to wear this week. And just realizing that I have even more work to do than I anticipated. I feel a stream of curse words coming on.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Let's Play Jeopardy

A: A highly addictive television show that will no doubt lead to arguments, therapy sessions, and numerous billable hours spent in a divorce lawyer's office. Lucky's new vice.

Q: What is "The Moment of Truth."

In other news, there is a new cute boy on the paper for which I work. Pros: he's tall, light-ish, and he's from Texas. Cons: he's tall, light-ish, and he's from Texas. From field research, boys with those aforementioned qualities are nothing but trouble.

Surprisingly, though, today was a day in which most circumstances unfolded in my favor. I finally caved in and ordered "Barbershop 2," and today it came! Now if my textbooks would follow suit. I had lots to do today, and not much of it got done. Oh, I swept the floor and ordered yet another book, but my article for The [Online Start-Up] Magazine has yet to be written. I'm not incredibly enthused about writing it, though. That's not a good sign, but when am I ever gung-ho about first sitting down in front of a blank screen? Actually, it's better if I really like the subject of the article, but the first few words are always the scariest (and, arguably, the worst). So once again I'm hoping that I will again get a flash of inspiration and let the words flow poetically to be submitted to raving reviews by my editor. Hoping quite hard, actually, because it's due tomorrow...

Moving on, I painted my nails today, a bright, punchy pink that is the complete antithesis of Russian Navy. It makes me wish for the warm, sunny weather that pinkens my cheeks, makes me root around in my purse for a huge pair of sunglasses, ruffles the hem of my dress, tans my bare toes, brings out the brown in my hair, and calls for an abundance of watermelon, ice cream, open sunroofs and bathing suits.

Thankfully, tomorrow's finally Friday. This weekend, I want to go to Battle of the Bands so badly. My Childhood Friend from Tuskegee is going and I haven't seen him since the summer (no romance, dirty birdies. Him and his brother befriended me and my sister the summer before I started kindergarten, and we've all been tight ever since). Any bets on what the "featured song" is going to be? Last year, every band and their mom did "And I am Telling You," from the then-popular Dreamgirls. I wonder what ubiquitous song will grace this year's festivities? Probably something Beyonce. "Get Me Bodied" is my song, no shade...Of course that means there will be parties. Should be fun. Maybe tomorrow night I could enjoy a quiet evening with the Pistons, but I don't think they're on national TV. Boo. I miss my boys terribly, and their W-L record since I returned to Atlanta has suffered as well...

I might get into bed early tonight! Two nights ago, I had a massive amount of homework, and last night I had 1000 things to do online, plus I was in the middle of a book that I couldn't put down. Speaking of, I just finished it! Sex as a Second Language was really good, two thumbs up. Well, maybe 1 1/2 because I felt badly about reading a book with the word "sex" in the title whilst sitting in Sisters Chapel during this morning's convocation. But what can you do.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hump Wednesday

Whew, am I glad today is finally coming to a close (not).

Dear Chelsea Clinton: Even though when you came to Spelman and you looked cute with your blond highlights and super-cute jeans that are probably Sevens, I am still not voting for your mother.

I did yoga today on our dirty dorm room floor. It was refreshing and disgusting at the same time.
Today, classes weren't that bad. Spanish was boring as hell, but Shakespeare was actually interesting, I got into a previously full Renaissance Lit class, and my teacher gave me a (kind of embarrassing) shout-out in Basic Newswriting for getting my article published. Plus, we had pepper steak for dinner and chocolate fondue for dessert, which was quite delish.

Now, I'm about to take a shower so I can finish Two Can Play That Game (add Morris Chestnut to the list of fine black actors that need a respectable movie comeback. See: Sean Patrick Thomas, circa "Barbershop"), catch the basketball game, and read my new book. Speaking of books, I am extremely disappointed in the US Postal System for not sending me the textbooks I needed 2 days ago. And I was starting to like USPS after that episode of "Project Runway" during season 1. But those days are so behind us.

Tomorrow is my bum day; I'm going to ask the yoga teacher to do me a solid and let me participate in the class; sort of a semester-long audit. If I have to bust out a Downward Dog to prove my ability, I totally will. Oh, crud, now I'm behind schedule. A chick on American Idol (the devil's entertainment) is singing a song called "Black Velvet," I liked it, and Simon just called her a cabaret singer. How rude. That's why I don't like "AI," they cut the people I like and accept complete rejects like everyone's favorite homegirl, Sanjaya.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Milk Day

aka "MLK Day," duh.

Of course since we didn't have school today we are at our home away from home. Today was semi-relaxing:

-got some news about my family that is, well, completely shitty. No, I don't really want to talk about it. But what really made me feel better, among talking to my dad, was the reassurance that the Patriots won last night and are going to the Superbowl against the Giants.

After we watched Hairspray (cute), we went to an adorable Mom-and-Pop restaurant adjacent to a car wash. Completely random, i know. The mom and her daughter were soooo sweet and the food was deliciously filling, as in, you can't really move immediately afterwards...

Now we're in that transitory phase of idly sitting on the bed watching "Because I Said So," (completely underrated) and contemplating actually doing homework and stuff. The only one doing schoolwork is the Roomate, 'cause she's lame like that.

As y'all can probably tell, I'm not quite in the mood to write much. So I'll just say that I'm wearing a fabulous pair of black chunky heels that belong to Cali Girl, and leave you with this favorite quote from Juno:

"Let's just make this quick and dirty."

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The View from Saturday

Girl, i'm exhausted.

The day started at 11a with a Pilates class; fun with Cali Girl and Sista Girl (yay? nay?) at the Studio Lotus. Glad that we braved the (albeit beautiful and picturesque) snowstorm to go. Even if we did go to Burger King afterwards. The Roommate was in South Carolina all day, rallying her little heart out with Students for Barack Obama. All I need, on the other hand, is a "Barack is my Homeboy" t-shirt.

Spent long-ass time at Top Chef's (frankly, I'm not that creative and this nickname business is wearing me out) house, playing Cranium before we all got tired of Humdingers and Data Slam or whatevs. Finally met a boy who doesn't love ANTM, praise the Lord.

Of course ended up at CG/SG's house later to finally watch the latest "One Tree Hill" and give Charley the dog a bath. Fun times, yo. But now I'm in my room instead of at the tapas lounge with the homies 'cause I'm worn out for real. Currently watching Barbershop and relaxing, about to snuggle up and watch The Great Debaters with Nate Parker's fine self. Speaking of Barbershop, What ever happened to Sean Patrick Thomas?

Oh yeah, we did have pizza and a movie last night. 27 Dresses was just ok; funny but a little underdeveloped. Katie Heigl was uber-cute, though. Random: when I find out that someone I like or admire smokes, it makes me like them a little bit less. I feel guilty, but I can't help thinking of their yellow teeth and barbecued lungs, not to mention the weakness it takes to maintain such an unhealthy habit. BTW, I just had the word "barbecued" spell-checked; since when is there no "Q"? WTF? Where the hell did the abbreviation "BBQ" come from? Perplexing. Utterly perplexing.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Taking one for the team

I just lost Cali Girl her internship over the phone. With her consent.

Tonight it's Fellini's pizza and 27 Dresses; a nice and girly evening before the real work of the upcoming full week ahead of us.

I sold back that $100 book today...damn! I gotta buy another copy, ASAP. Sigh. Currently foraging for snacks. CG just hit the jackpot!

I won't force y'all to watch me try to pull words out that just ain't coming. So, peace and love, and have a safe weekend!

Them America's Next Has-Beens are doing some "acting exercise." Talk about melodramatics. Ooh! The Gauntlet III is coming back. HAA-AYY!! Lol.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

College Ain't No Joke...of this I am sure

It's the second day of school and I am worn out. I've been outside like all day and it's hella cold. Just dropped $100 on a book, and when I called the publisher to see if I could get a cheaper edition, no one answered. If I can, I'm selling it back, ASAP.

We have to post to a blog in my "Investigation" class, and the teacher told us to think of a creative nickname, so I was like, cool. My oh, so creative classmates used names like "ycooper" or "jrobinson1." So when everyone's were listed on the projector screen, all of a sudden my chosen, "theglassesgirl,"looked a little stupid. Hopefully no one was paying that much attention; I only did to see what names people came up with, to see if anyone, you know, didn't use their Spelman username...i guess it's okay that the blog's on politics. i like to think still managed to have my own voice in my comments.

The Oreos in my drawer are rapidly disappearing, to be found in my tummy next to the (good-ass) chicken potpie I had for lunch.

I had another weird dream last night about football, sex, and HSA. Oh, and if that weren't enough, Tex had a cameo, too. I mean, those are just the basics, but holistically speaking, it was a random experience. I'll leave it at that. HSA has got to get out of my subconscious. The Tex thing I'm not even gonna touch on. I have enough to do.

Oh yeah, check it out, ya girl has an article: "Top 7 Reasons We Love Candace Parker." I told y'all I got stuff done.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random Musings from the First Day of School

whew, that was a long-ish day. finally i'm back with my homegirls, we've been talking for hours already, like we never left!

damn, I had a lot of stuff to recall but i forgot due to an excess of Twizzlers, Oreos, pretzels, and conversations about sex. Speaking of, I missed dinner and I'm hungry and it's freezing out...

Let's see...there are so many annoying people in my Shakespeare class it's borderline sad. Seriously, if any person who ever bothered me walked in the classroom, I'd be like, "Sigh. There's another one. Join the party." My one class at Morehouse will probably be cool, but maybe it was because I was I thought I looked like a streetwalker (skinny jeans and almost knee-high boots. Black leather, of course). Well, maybe from a high-class bordello as opposed your everyday hooker. So we'll see. The first day of class at Spelman is tantamount to a fashion show. I thought about wearing sweats to you know, fight the power. but desire for cuteness won out. but tomorrow is another story-- honey, it's snowing outside. I know, right?! Snow, in Atlanta? I coulda sworn I just left the Capital of all that is Cold when I left Michigan!

Cali Girl was the only one who had the proper reaction when I told her that the Runner hadn't called over break:
"What?" CG asked incredulously. "He didn't call at all?"
"Not once! It's the principle, right? You should finish something you start."
"Yeah! So what, you were just his Atlanta floosy?!"

Any conversation that involves the term "Atlanta floosy" is alright with me.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Double Life

Sittin' in the airport, at gate A17 express flight to Atlanta, Georgia. It's hot as hell in this terminal, too...real quick, that God for small victories that the skycap lady didn't weigh my bags when i checked in, and i shuffled off as fast as i could before she could weigh them and undoubtedly charge me for having overweight luggage 'cause thems was some heavy suitcases...

I wrote my article (just one. i'm not Superwoman) at like 1:00am and sent it and my editor sent my an email this morning singing my praises. we'll see if it makes it into publication before getting all happy. i'll post the link if it does get published.

People are lining up at the boarding desk and i'm on the phone with my little sister. I miss her already. Seriously, though, why are they in line? WTF? I didn't hear a call to board or anything...they just got here maybe they're flying standby. When i was a flying newbie i would mistakenly check in twice, first at roadside check-in, then i would wait in the always long-ass line at the gate and show the chick at the desk my boarding pass. And they'd just look at it and give it back; i thought they were just rude, not that i had wasted 20 minutes in line that could have been spent chowing down at Burger King and she took pity on me by not laughing in my face. But again, those were the old days, i'm much wiser now. Now i listed to my iPod 'til it's time. and invariably eat something while i wait. old habits and all that.

Okay, i'm confused. he's talking to the check-in guy and people are still standing around. There are chairs around! Well, sort of, everyone's junk takes up the seat around them and you don't really want to sit next to stranger and all of their crap unless you really have to. so i guess i understand that. damn i'm hungry. all i had was a donut and an apple and that was 3 hours ago. General Hospital's on--oh, it's the boarding call. Gotta go! not cute to miss your flight when you've been waiting for awhile. that's just dumb and frankly, poor planning on your part.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ridiculous. Just Ridiculous

It is the wrong side of 1:30pm on Monday, and I leave sometime tomorrow (I can't even remember my flight time). My room is an utter disaster and 2 articles need to be written. Well, scratch that; I've made an executive decision to ix-nay one of them if I don't have time. Still, the hour grows late and my to-do-list is long as hell still. I still have to watch last week's Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy!

We saw the movie Juno last night. It was surprisingly good. Not just 4-stars in the paper, good, but really funny and poignant. If anything, I'll get the soundtrack. Y'all know I have obscure music tastes...Saturday night, however, we saw First Sunday. That was funny, too, but in a slapstick, whole theater's rollin' type of funny. If it wasn't for Katt Williams, though, it would have been awful. Also, the ending was a little funky, but remember it's just for entertainment, moral undertones be damned (I'm probably gonna get it on bootleg. There's your morality lesson) . So there, two movies for your viewing pleasure. Speaking of movies, really quickly, I can't find a copy of Barbershop 2 anywhere! It's starting to bother me; when not even the Holy Grail of entertainment and leisure (Best Buy) doesn't have something, you get concerned. And when the Wal-mart of the North doesn't have it (Target), you wonder whether or not it ever really existed in the first place.

Quick shout out to Sistah Girl, Motown Lover, and Top Chef: Welcome to the blog and see ya'll soon!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

What About the Flashbacks?

You know how they say that the first 48 hours of dealing with (insert crisis here) are the hardest? What about the ones that come after that? The days, weeks, months after? How about those random flashback punches where you wonder just what went wrong, who should have fought harder and who should have let go first? Those where you look at an old picture or message or smell that familiar cologne and all of those old feelings come rushing back whether you want them to or not. I hate those. They make it even harder to move on from something which you weren't sure you wanted to end in the first place. There's a lot to be said for closure. When it comes to ending relationships, closure is key, or at least some sense of absolution. You have to know that it's over--irreparably, unequivocally, no-turning-back over. But what's even more important is the willingness and strength to seek and accept that closure, so that when you do see an old picture or smell an old scent, the first thing you think is "We had a good run, but that ship has sailed," instead of "God, I wonder what went wrong with us?"

Because anything else is sad and quite frankly, a little pathetic.


Hey everybody!

First off, this is my new blog, I suggest you read my old one a little bit so I don't sound like a complete whack job. But, to save you some trouble,I added some previous posts and I'll link to old ones if, in these new entries, there's a name or experience with which you might be unfamiliar. 'Cause I love y'all that much. But anyway, here's today's post. By the by, leave lots of comments, I loves to chat...

Honey, the words ain't flowing like i need them to be. or, like one of my many new bosses needs them to be, seeing as it's his deadline i'm trying to meet. I guess I'm just not in a writing mood, or i've bitten off more than i can chew, which doesn't happen too often. see, about a week ago, i sent dozens of emails to various publications and companies looking for freelance work and summer internships. the only reason i did so many was because it's a numbers game and the more you send out, the bigger chance you have of getting a response. what i didn't bank on was the possibility of about 15 positive responses flooding my inbox within a few days. now, unwittingly, i'm writing for 2 online publications and have another article due for Phase 2 of the application process. and of course all of the articles are due about the same day. it's sunday afternoon, the NFL is on tv, and i'm still in my PJs. lazy much? work that you love shouldn't feel like work, and yet, it's feeling pretty much like a huge pile of labor that i have to get through in two days. all i was looking for when i sent out those emails was the guarantee that i would be doing something productive over the summer, preferably in another city (ahem, NYC). not to say that i'm not grateful for the (uh, unpaid) work, but i want the experience, too; it's not just about gathering clips, i want to actually see the work and play a role in the production, even as an intern. okay, change in subject...

i'm flying back to Atlanta on Tuesday. i have a mountain of laundry to do still. but i'm looking forward to going back to school. i vow to do better this semester. not to mention, i've got new glasses and my hair is now streaked with Sunny Auburn, and i've been doing yoga. so yeah, if it were just about looks, i'm 100% ready (well, i still need my eyebrows done, lol). however:

1. classes are gonna be no joke this semester
2. there are a lot of things i want to accomplish/improve
3. the Runner has still not called. it will be interesting when we get back, 'cause we were on the road to something significant before his weird behavior ensued. we might have to move on from this one. and no, i have not, nor will i, break my resolve and call first. those days are over.

and plus, i don't even like him like that.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year's, everybody.

Let's skip the "what i'm gonna do differently" part, or at least save it for later, shall we? Around Christmas, too close if you ask me, one of my dear friends lost her mother. i found out like 4 days later. just a horrible, awful, can't-find-an-adjective situation. i don't want to smother her so i just sent her a text, but i want to show my support. it's so hard to know what to do, what will make an impact and what won't. just a bad situation.

Last night i had an odd dream. First off, I was an Ohio State fan (just writing that pains me). Next, a very interesting person was in it. A guy from high school with whom i had more ups and downs than Cedar Point in its entirety. He played football, so I shall name him High School Athlete (working title). what was weird was that at the end of the game, him and i shared a long hug and an innuendo-filled conversation about, well, the action to which the "tongue-in-the-cheek" gesture refers (ahem). i woke up quite confused. i mean, i understand where the dream came from because before i fell asleep i had both watched the Rose Bowl and fantasized about Nate Parker, one of the actors in the movie "The Great Debaters," which was absolutely excellent, by the way. but it was weird because i hadn't thought about HSA in a long time, not since we finally made peace at the Senior All-Night Party, at around 4am under a lamppost on the side of the student parking lot. just reminiscing, here, about what was and what could have been. he was, of course, the subject of many a post on this very blog. i'm cool now, though. he's a pleasant part of my past, where he belongs.

College Bowl Week has made me crave a strapping young athlete to call my own. 'cause damn, they are fine.

Things I Like Am Obsessed With Now:
1. Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency-I need a Brian Kehoe in my life, i have decided.
2. "Love Song" by Sara Barielles-heard it on a commercial, fell in love, now it's on my Ipod (well it would be, if i could find the cord that connects the Ipod to my computer)
3. OPI Nail Polish in Russian Navy-Christmas present, makes me insanely happy and sophisticated-looking, which is always a plus.
4. Re-invention-okay, okay, maybe it's the New Year, but i really am going to try and work on not looking like such a schlub and adding more color to my wardrobe and whatnot.
5. Really, truly, happy couples-just because they are so cute to watch.

i want to get a haircut. or at least bangs and a color. or something, i need to shake things up! i have a phone interview tomorrow. i'm a little scared, my last one didn't work out. i may wear my business suit, just to get in the right mindset...

I Used to Have the *NSYNC Christmas CD

merry Christmas and happy holidays, ya'll

keeping it short, just a few comments from the festivities:

-yesterday, on Christmas, my cousin announced that she and her husband are expecting. it was so absolutely, unbelievably adorable. it made me look forward to the day when i can look my hubby knowingly in the eye, then turn to my mom and say, "Mommy, I'm having a baby!" plus in the CVS parking lot i saw a dad and his three kids and the first thing i thought was "ohh, i can't wait to start a family..."

-if someone could tell me just what, exactly, Kim Kardashian (sp? like i care?) does for a living, i would greatly appreciate it. and being an heiress is no longer a suitable occupation because as far as i'm concerned, you didn't do anything to acquire your wealth, your dad did. not the same thing. just admit it. just be like "yeah, i know i'm loaded, no need to front like i'm pursuing modeling or acting, i just happen to be rich without really doing anything. just in case you're wondering. i know." it would make half the people i see on TV much more tolerable if they would just admit that they don't have day jobs.

-although i'm always grateful to get clothing with the team logo on it as a display of my everlasting loyalty to the Pistons, i hate the downside, the fact that people get me clothes that were probably made for a man and have the L or XL size tag to prove it. and i have yet to meet the woman who wears too-big logo'd gear a) after the 90s and 2) not look she's supposed to be at home sick.

-New Year's is just around the corner, i'm looking forward to making delicious, promising New Year's resolutions.

not feeling too good on this glorious Boxing Day, so i'm off to watch the Pistons. and no, i will not be watching in my oversize Pistons sweatshirt. i do have other clothing (plus, i don't like to jinx the team by wearing my regalia unless they are losing).

I've found my niche

at the risk of sounding maudlin, i think i've found my new(est) passion: philanthropy.

we volunteered at a soup kitchen this morning, and it was absolutely fantastic. if you don't leave there feeling inspired and smiley, you must have a rock for a heart, because serving soup to the homeless for three hours is one of the most humbling, gratifying, and all-around purifying experiences i have ever had.

later during the day, during casual dinner with the friends at Cali Girls' house, i realized that something needs to be done about the amount of shallow people in this world, and that thing just might be found in the basement of the Immaculate Conception church. i served some of the nicest people, some were more polite and gracious and friendly that people i know who get three square meals a day and then some, you know? working there taught me a lot about respect, humanity, and well, blessings. i literally could have stayed all day at that kitchen, despite the chaos and achy feet; whether we got community service or not. everyone left laughing and joking and chatting...altruism will do that to you. it's a high that not even a look from the cutest guy, best yoga class, or yummiest piece of food could rival. the lead man was so friendly, he just kept talking about how much he loved people and how we made a difference even if we only helped one person. which was impossible unless you were completely lazy...anyway i want to go back. i could talk/write about this all night, but i'll spare ya'll the confessions of my do-goodery brain :)

still been hanging out with the Runner. the last time i was there i pulled the ultimate coup de gras: i wore my troublemaking shirt. the black one that looks like lingerie (i know, right? i play for keeps). but it was cold so i had on like two outside layers over i slowly unwound my scarf and unbuttoned my sweater, i couldn't help feeling like a sexy eskimo or something..the Runner's eyes nearly popped out of his head, followed by much touchy-feely almost boyfriend-esque behavior..followed even more by cute text messages ("u waz lookin good in them jeans"). get this, Science Guy (who's also his roommate! honestly they should make my life into a sitcom) had the nerve to look, dare i say, jealous?! he sent me a text today, referring to me as "ur fine self." i had to laugh, i mean come on. i don't even know what i want at this point, or, suffice it to say, who i want. dear God, how do i get myself into these things? even through all of the flirting business, i still don't think the Runner and i would be a good couple outside of all would be like being in a relationship just to be in one. who knows, maybe i'm being an attention-whore and he doesn't even like me like that. he hasn't made any moves to talk about possibly being together, unless, again, i'm being completely dense in which case means i probably am not savvy enough to have a boyfriend anyway. it's kill or be killed out there, honestly.

have not been to the gym in a week. i think it's showing. i go home soon, hallelujah!