Friday, November 28, 2008

I Don't Even Have Leftovers

I meant to "post" yesterday from the Almighty Blackberry, but, well, you know how it is. My thumbs can only take so much. We're on official Computer's supposed to be ready better be; I have final exams coming up. Cyber-yell at Geeksquad for me.

I kind of like finals and midterm time- it means we're about to get a break of some sort, hallelujah!

Ok, typing really does suck so only a few things to be elaborated upon later:

Thanksgiv: I ate a frozen turkey pot pie on the couch, read novels, and watched football. No, I didn't leave the house or put on a bra the entire day. Don't feel sorry for me, though. I'm going home soon..

Speaking of football, I am thankful, nay, eternally grateful for wonderfully muscle-y arms poking out under football jerseys.

Books: "Zane" is supposed to be this hot, steamy novelist, but I read 2 of hers today and was left staring-at-the- ceiling-afterwards unsatisfied. In one of them, after this cute love story, right before the wedding the girl DIES! After I read the word "murder" I was done. I threw the book against the couch and actually said, "Oh HELLS no, I rebuke that!" So I don't know the actual ending..

I am on a book fetish (even more than usual) but nothing seems to really pull me in. A dry spell, of sorts. It's like looking in a full closet with nothing to wear: I have tons of books with nothing to read. And no computer.

I think I may be a little grumpy. A thousand pardons. Hopefully good news...oh! I finally sucked it up and got my cartilage/upper ear pierced on Tuesday! I did it, yall, I'm not just all talk! It hurt my wallet more than it hurt my actual ear, though. Still, it's cute! Details later, can't wait to surprise Mom and Dad. Especially after the fake tattoo fiasco, which was kind of, well...oh, dear...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things I Like

There are
A lot of things
That I like
I like Pink. Yellow. Green. Gold. Purple. Lions, Tigers, and Bears. Hershey's Chocolate Bars. Amaretto Sour. Blackberry Curves. Madea. Long hair. Short hair. Betsey Johnson! Laptops. Michael Jackson. The LA Dodgers. Yoga. William Sledd. Fuzzy socks. Spooning. Skirts. Hoop earrings. Swimming pools! Honda Accords. My sisters. Scarves. Laughter. Kisses. Writing. Candy! Ponytails. Lingerie. Black t-shirts. Pepsi. Lip gloss. Rainbow flags. Make up. Crushes. Being happy. Ballet. Amy Winehouse. Wikipedia. Rihanna. Blue jeans. The idea of sex. Escalades. DListed. Cupcakes! Purses. Dirty Diana. The idea of love. Babylon Sisters. Kimora Lee Simmons. Carol's Daughter. Hugs. Dogs. My daddy. The Pistons. Big beds. Gap ads. Broad shoulders. Precious the dog. Louis Vuitton. Titanic. My Ipod. Sexual innuendo. Rainstorms. Hooded sweatshirts. Boys with tattoos. Waffles. Perfume. Weddings. Chocolate! Converse sneakers. Glamour Magazine. Air Jordans. Little girls. Amethysts. Ugg boots. Dairy Queen Blizzards. Writing about lust. My mommy. Tulips. Christmas. Victoria's Secret. Princess Diana. Being called "cutie-pie." Infinity on High. Road trips. Pink Panties. Pink panties. Blankets. Facebook. Pearls. Sunflowers. Four-leaf clovers. T-shirts. Pet names. Blogs. Sunglasses. Gofugyouself. Bamboos. Being half-dressed. Flip-flops. Croissants. Hats. TV. Get Me Bodied. Fancy pens. Post Secret. Bikinis! Verysmartbrothas. Nail polish. Men's shirts. Margaritas. Flirting. Sparkly stuff. Legally Blonde. Singing. Black people. Showers. Songs about sex. Songs About Jane. Peacoats. Diamonds. Cake.
Before I go
I just thought
I'd tell you
Some things
I like

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm Freaking Out

Classic college conundrum**: I just found out that I have a 15-page paper due on Tuesday. Your eyes do not deceive you, it is indeed Saturday evening. Please join me in a memorial service for my weekend/sanity. I'm kicking my own ass right now for not realizing. Fuck. Pray for me long and hard.

**I am so glad that even in these trying times I manage to alliterate. I amaze myself.

Update: It's Sunday, and I have about 9-10 pages done. Applaud my strength! That's pretty impressive, considering I keep getting distracted by Facebook, random blogs, and music. Jazmine Sullivan's "Lions, Tigers, and Bears" and Usher's "Love You Gently" are officially My Shit. Even though I'm a public school computer, somehow I got ITunes to work and currently have a nice little playlist going. My awesomeness is unparalleled. It should be illegal.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Memories in the Air

This morning, I was walking through Big Sports Network's picturesque campus when a familiar smell filtered the air around me. It was bitter but sweet. So bitter. So sweet.

Somebody was smoking. Black and Milds, I think they're called. The ones that come in a white box with a gold diamond on it. The ones that he'd keep in his nightstand. The ones that he'd smoke while leaning on the balcony. God, that balcony..

He thought it was cute that I pouted when he smoked. He tickled me because I hid his lighter. I hated those little brown cigarettes but he'd look so good as he smoked them that I didn't care. I just tucked the hate away and leaned in for a kiss instead.

So bitter, so sweet.

I used to like the smell. If someone's wearing Tex's cologne, I giggle. If someone's smoking the ones with a gold diamond on the white box, I...pause. I can't figure out if I like the smell or not.

It's so bitter, but it was so sweet and...I'm kidding myself. It was bitter.

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Favorite Dirty Mistress

If I go to bed now, the weekend will be over, so I'm still perched on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy. Speaking of which, today (well, yesterday) is McSteamy's birthday. Gotta loove those Scorpios (listen to "Signs of Lovemaking" by Tyrese. Our reputations preceed us). Yum-o. I'd take some OR time with him any day of the week...

More later, my comp hopefully comes back all bright and shiny tomorrow. I haven't forgotten about being blog-survey tagged by Vixen Chick, so look out for that. Also, is anyone tatted up out there? I want one but my chicken-shit side is coming out. I'm thinking of getting a small four-leaf clover on my shoulder...because I'm Lucky, get it? What do you think? Happy Monday, yall!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Ohhh my giddy-God I forgot to post on my birthday (yesterday). I suckity-suck. But I am 20 years old now so boo-yah. I also can barely move/type because I am so very full on waffles and, you guessed it, cupcakes!! Thanks in particular to Sistah Girl for making them and Ms. Politics to trekking to the grocery store in the rain to get the fixin's. I got most of my list, too. Yay. Seriously I'm stuffed and sated so suffice it to say I had a mm mm good birthday.

TTFN, mon amies!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Computerly Update

I am having a cruddy day.
I kind of can't stand the other interns(s) at Big Sports Network, for example. That, plus a host of other annoyances have steadily plagued me since I woke up on this day that the Lord hath made. The most prominent being my poor computer needing a new hard drive. Now, I don't know that much about computers, but a hard drive seems like a Pretty Big Deal in the big scheme of computers. If the cost is any indicator of importance, a hard drive is waaay up there. But here's the gag: all my stuff will be lost, huh? Tell it to me straight, I can take it (not). Has this ever happened to anyone? Any encounters with that blue screen o'death? What happened, was it a huge hassle to get all your info back? I don't think I put everything on a flash drive (it was way upstairs and I was way downstairs, ok? You know how it is). I'm basically screwed [fucked] huh?

On the plus side, the other night I had a dream that I was about to get a massage (and probably more than that, who am I kidding) from a male escort. I kid ye not. Of course I woke up before we got to the good stuff (damned sunshine). I can't get any in my own dreams!

This can't be life.

Don't Know About Yours, But My President is Black

I am fighting back tears, been fighting them since last night. Last night, when Barack Obama became the first black president of the United States of America. God, I lurrrve him. God, I'm so happy. God, I can't believe this. God, thank you so much.