Monday, November 10, 2008

My Favorite Dirty Mistress

If I go to bed now, the weekend will be over, so I'm still perched on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy. Speaking of which, today (well, yesterday) is McSteamy's birthday. Gotta loove those Scorpios (listen to "Signs of Lovemaking" by Tyrese. Our reputations preceed us). Yum-o. I'd take some OR time with him any day of the week...

More later, my comp hopefully comes back all bright and shiny tomorrow. I haven't forgotten about being blog-survey tagged by Vixen Chick, so look out for that. Also, is anyone tatted up out there? I want one but my chicken-shit side is coming out. I'm thinking of getting a small four-leaf clover on my shoulder...because I'm Lucky, get it? What do you think? Happy Monday, yall!


Jayne Dough said...

i love army wives. lol


yeah im tatted. one on my wrist and one behind my ear. it feels like the after effect after someone pops you with a rubberband. trust me you can deal with the pain. its not bad at all.
im getting another one in 2 weeks.

-like the clover idea. my cousin "Lucky" has clovers on her foot. they're super cute

Naturally Sarcastic said...

I love Grey's Anatomy... And Army Wives!

I'm tatted up. I have 3 and plan on getting like 4 I'm a wild child I guess. I have one on my foot, one on my back in between my shoulder blades and I have one that goes from ear to ear, along my hairline.
I'm getting my foot tat touched up and the next tattoo I get is going going to be a pinup girl...just don't know where on my body Tat's are that bad. I took my baby sis to get her first tattoo about two weeks ago.

Things you should know:
1. tattoo's on your feet hurt...hell any tattoo on a boney part of your body will hurt way more than a fleshy part.
2. Color isn't always your friend.
3. Be cruelly honest with the artist.
4. Tip!
5. You have to be
6. Always look at their books of pictures of finished tats... you wanna get an idea of the quality of their work.
7. Don't go by yourself for your first one... I would take an extremely good friend with you.
8. Once you get some pics!!

Good luck!

Lucky said...

Thanks for the input, beautiful people! I just need to make myself go..I actually might start out with getting my cartilage (upper ear) pierced and work my way up to a tat. Pray for me that I go eventually!

molly said...

That's exactly the image/location of my sister's tat. She likes it and it's decently easy to cover when she wants to. But yes, I would start with the ear-piercing :)