Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things I Like

There are
A lot of things
That I like
I like Pink. Yellow. Green. Gold. Purple. Lions, Tigers, and Bears. Hershey's Chocolate Bars. Amaretto Sour. Blackberry Curves. Madea. Long hair. Short hair. Betsey Johnson! Laptops. Michael Jackson. The LA Dodgers. Yoga. William Sledd. Fuzzy socks. Spooning. Skirts. Hoop earrings. Swimming pools! Honda Accords. My sisters. Scarves. Laughter. Kisses. Writing. Candy! Ponytails. Lingerie. Black t-shirts. Pepsi. Lip gloss. Rainbow flags. Make up. Crushes. Being happy. Ballet. Amy Winehouse. Wikipedia. Rihanna. Blue jeans. The idea of sex. Escalades. DListed. Cupcakes! Purses. Dirty Diana. The idea of love. Babylon Sisters. Kimora Lee Simmons. Carol's Daughter. Hugs. Dogs. My daddy. The Pistons. Big beds. Gap ads. Broad shoulders. Precious the dog. Louis Vuitton. Titanic. My Ipod. Sexual innuendo. Rainstorms. Hooded sweatshirts. Boys with tattoos. Waffles. Perfume. Weddings. Chocolate! Converse sneakers. Glamour Magazine. Air Jordans. Little girls. Amethysts. Ugg boots. Dairy Queen Blizzards. Writing about lust. My mommy. Tulips. Christmas. Victoria's Secret. Princess Diana. Being called "cutie-pie." Infinity on High. Road trips. Pink Panties. Pink panties. Blankets. Facebook. Pearls. Sunflowers. Four-leaf clovers. T-shirts. Pet names. Blogs. Sunglasses. Gofugyouself. Bamboos. Being half-dressed. Flip-flops. Croissants. Hats. TV. Get Me Bodied. Fancy pens. Post Secret. Bikinis! Verysmartbrothas. Nail polish. Men's shirts. Margaritas. Flirting. Sparkly stuff. Legally Blonde. Singing. Black people. Showers. Songs about sex. Songs About Jane. Peacoats. Diamonds. Cake.
Before I go
I just thought
I'd tell you
Some things
I like


(vixenchick) said...

lol at 'songs about sex'! i like those, too!



Lucky said...

I know, right? But girl. I love 'em!

Eb the Celeb said...

when you say lions, tigers, bears... I', assuming your talking about that jamzine sullivan song... I love that song too!

Lucky said...

Yes ma'am. Ms. Sullivan goes off on that song! And I love that all 3 are sports teams, lol.

Da Hunni Toya said...


Brothers Blog said...

very interesting list. Sure you didn't leave anything out? lol

Lucky said...

I guess I was going for interesting, I just had an idea and went for it! I actually did leave a lot of things out in the interest of time and space..

xX...Amy...Xx said...

OMG this is so cool! If it wasn't blatant plagarism I would do the same thing! There are lots of things that I like on that list too. I lurrvee Glamour magazine, and I'm so with you on the sparkly stuff :D


Lucky said...

Amy, girl, go for it--I'd love to see your list!