Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Need a Hero

One glance at this video and I was rendered speechless.

I gotta apologize to you guys. One, for neglecting the blog as of late. Two, I feel like I cheated you out of a spring break post, but I don't/didn't know where to start. So, if you have any questions about what went down in the Beach of Myrtle, feel free to ask away. I work better that way.

I'm trying to get my grades where I want them, which unfortunately is taking up most of my attention, so that's why I've been MIA. Can't knock someone for trying to get a little edu-ma-cation, can you? Can you??? Well. Think happy scholarly thoughts for me. I'll try to post more often. They might be little boring-ish blurbs, but hey. Progress is a slow process, kids.

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