Monday, March 30, 2009

Where to Think

I have a knack for the mundane. Filing, stapling, separating; it's no problem for me. The same can almost be said about domestic chores like ironing, washing dishes, sweeping, except that I'm too lazy to do it on a regular basis. On a similar note, you will rarely find me complaining about something I have to sit through or attend. One, I hate complainers. Also, I'm of a generally sunny disposition (well, I used to be. I'm working on it, though).

The reason I'm good at mindless duties or boring situations is because of my active imagination and overworking mind. I am a daydreamer. I ruminate, ponder, theorize. I also remember. The interesting thing is, I remember uncomfortable things. Fights I've had or dumb things I've done can play and replay in my mind over and over, when my mind wanders.

Which, as you can see, is often. Actually, I really only do it if I'm ironing or in the shower. Since I rarely iron and only do so when I'm running late and realize once and for all that my shirt can't be worn as is, this isn't an issue. But, the shower? It's supposed to be relaxing. I could be thinking of fun things to be doing in said shower (hello like SINGING), but nooo, I replay past indiscretions. And then instead of feeling all clean and shiny I feel a little bad about whatever it was that happened. Even if it was like two years ago. Is this weird?

Does anybody else have deep thoughts in the shower? Or does the extent of your brainpower go to "did I shave my legs already?" If not the shower, then, tell me, where is your thinking place?


xX...Amy...Xx said...

It's the bath for me. Which is usually why I read a trashy novel instead. Sometimes I start to remember bad stuff when I'm in that 'half-awake' stage, and then, of course, I'm fully awake and it sucks.

Get a shower radio to distract you. We used to have one in the shape of a penguin :)


Advizor said...

When I'm in a funk, I take a shower, I turn the water on as hot as it will go for as long as it holds out, and I just stand there thinking. For me the sound of the water drowns out most of the voices in my head and I can feel sorry for myself without interruption.

By the end, the hot water is gone, the cold water has frozen me back to reality, and I step out, ready to start again.

Lucky said...

Amy: trashy novels make everything funner. This is weird, but in that "half-awake" stage, I'm usually thinking about sex. Is that whacko or what? Re: shower radio-I've taken to hooking up my ipod speakers in the bathroom, which seems to work quite well!

Advizor: I know the feeling! The water does drown everything out (true story: I cried in the shower after my basketball team lost in the playoffs, and my mother was apalled. Kinda embarrassing) ...after a bad day, a long shower is like starting all over again.