Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Festivus, Revamped

If it seems that I am swag-jacking Vittoria with "Post-Festivus" post, it's because I am.

-Thanks for repeatedly putting up with my drunk arse.
-Come to think of it, thanks for keeping all of my bad thoughts. I would've had a nervous breakdown a long time ago if it wasn't for you! *cue Marvin Sapp*
-Even though we're years apart, thanks for being an all-around roadie. I can't believe how cool you've grown up to be.
-I appreciate you gossiping and talking sh*t with me in corners-together we are fabulous and snazzy people!
-Thank you for your kind words. I never saw you again, but what you said and the fact that you said it at all really touched me.
-Thanks for being a great mentor, great teacher, and for not judging me when I cussed him out in front of you. You give me confidence as a writer.
-Sometimes I wish I had your independent confidence.
-Thanks for telling me my jeans are too big.
-We always have SO much fun in the car on the way home!
-I have no idea why you still like me enough to be my friend, but I love you and am glad that you are.
-You're the most poised and classy lady I've ever met...I'm glad you got married and started a family like you've always wanted.
-Because of you, I found a career path--when I start my own magazine or business, you're the first person I'm hiring.
-You two are the best parents a girl could have.

I feel all merry inside. Which is good because I still have shopping and Christmas-y things to do and need that extra sprinkle of holiday cheer--at this moment, teeth are unbrushed and pajamas may be still on. Maybe I'll liveblog Christmas tomorrow (ha ha, Christmas is tomorrow, yay!).


DBaby said...

if any of these were directed toward me, then you're welcome. If not, then Merry Christmas, and I love you anyway lol.

Lucky said...

You're funny...secretly did have you in mind for a few, pumpkin!