Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

Both Jayne Dough and Vixen Chick tagged my lazy arse, so here we go:

1. I get my best work done late at night.

2. Sometimes I feel like I'm the one taking all the pictures in life, so much that I'm not in any of them. (figuratively and literally)

3. Being kissed on the neck is my favorite feeling in the world.

4. I think I'm a silly girl wrapped up in a bad girl disguised as a good girl.

5. When I have other people in my car, I get really paranoid about my driving ability (or, ahem, lack thereof).

6. I find unpolished toenails grody.

7. I have a song in mind that, if a man were to serenade me with it out of his own volition, I will marry him.

8. Sometimes I get this idea in my head that there's a glamorous quality to my bad decisions. I should work on that.

Bonus: Being alone with a basketball game on TV armed with pizza and my laptop is probably my favorite way to spend a Saturday night.

Daily Double: I'm weirdly fascinated by, and will have many a long discussion about, all things sex-related. Makes for snappy dinner conversation, let me tell you.

I could go on and on, but let's see here...if they're up for it, I tag and implore to write 7 random things about themselves...

Eb the Celeb


Brothers Blog said...

#2 is very deep about taking all the pics and not being in them.

I've devoured a pizza myself in front of a football game before.

Lucky said...

It's always funny 'cuz sometimes I'll give someone else the camera and there will STILL be a million pics of other people!

I love looking at my refrigerator at the end of a game like, "sh*t, this thing was full at halftime!"