Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm Back for a Bit

Hi folks
Don't hate me. Been busy as all get-out, but of course I thought about yall all the time. My internship at the arena ends tomorrow (sads) but I'm sooo glad for a break. Well, a one-day break 'cause we leave for DC to drop my sister off on Friday! Can't wait. Hopefully when things settle down I'll have more time and subject matter to write about...

Have you ever felt invisible? Sometimes I feel like there's a muzzle on me, whether I put it on myself or feel like it's being thrust upon me, at times I feel as if no one wants to listen to me, or worse, I have nothing to say.

On another note, I freaking love I spend hours on there laughing and educating myself. Love. Also, my blogroll is getting kinda stale. Any funny/insightful ones I should know about? Yall know my style.

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xX...Amy...Xx said...

I can see you :) I've missed you! That's not pressure for you to blog more, just a general comment - I know how crazy life can be!