Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nickel and Dimed

Get ready, I'm about to let loose.

Basically, I was promised the master bedroom way back in April and Roommate is giving it to someone else. And I'll have to--horror of horrors--share a bathroom. Roommate will be gone, and I will be "property manager" since I was there last year. Oh, gee, thanks, I get the none of the benefits but all of the work.

I'm definitely moving out. It's unfair, especially because we didn't need an additional roommate in the first place, Roommate just wanted one for "lowered rent." And I guess the girl preferred the Master and was unwilling to give it up. Even though by the time Roommate contacted her the master was already taken--BY ME. WHAT THE FUCK?? I can't share a bathroom. I just cannot. And besides that, it's the principle of the whole situation. I'm throwing shade at this new girl. Who the FUCK does she think she is?? Which is precisely what I will be asking her on this conference call this weekend. Best believe I'm calling Roommate first to get some fucking answers.


Yeah, that about sums it up.

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