Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What a day, What a Day

The grand list of Lucky's Favorite Holidays goes a little something like this:
1. Christmas
2. My birthday
3. Thanksgiving

The list is longer, but in this case the rest are really irrelevant.

Pay special attention to that second one, because it's coming up soon--November 7. **Yes, on this day that the Lord hath made, I was born almost 20 (gasp!) years ago. If I haven't said this before, birthdays are a huge deal to me. It's partly because I started school early, so I'm always the last birthday--even now all of my friends are older than me. Age before beauty, I say.

If you're wondering whether or not my age has ever kept me from partying with my of-age friends, rest assured that no, it has not. Well, I was turned away from a club freshman year because I was only 17, but I was also so very, very stupid: I'd forgotten my ID anyway (it was my first time, okay?). Me and Ms. Politics had to ride the train and then walk back to campus in the chilly [cold and unfriendly] fall night. One of us was wearing a very short skirt. And it wasn't Ms. Politics.

Celebrating birthdays isn't immature, either, it makes total sense: your birthday is the day you came upon this very earth! Basically I'm a total kid when it comes to birthdays. It's funny because my birthday usually falls on Election Day, and this year, ironically, it doesn't. When I was little, I used to think that people were making a big deal about Nov. 7th because it was my birthday, not voting day (secretly I still think so).

**I giggle every time I say "November 7th." It's the 5-year old in me, okay?

I also reserve the right to be incredibly self-serving on my birthday (everyone does, in my opinion, so it's okay). And especially with the tough time I've been having lately, a little self-indulgence is the order of the day. So without further adieu, we have Lucky's Birthday List (non-comprehensive):

1. Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane on DVD
2. a digital camera (my old one broke)
3. Zoolander and Transformers on DVD
4. "I Love Black People" t-shirt
5. A birthday kiss! (a. negotiable, 2. cyber-kisses from the blogosphere are totally accepted and invited, FYI)

As I said, it's a work in progress. I'm not sure if I want to have a party or anything, or even go out to dinner. I wouldn't mind a quiet evening with me, my DVDs, and, well, chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting (ahem, Motown Lover, Sistah Girl, and Top Chef, y'all know y'all can throw down in the kitchen!) would be nice. I have to think of one totally extravagant and girly thing to do for myself, though. A movie-marathon? Mini shopping-spree? Help, dear readers! What should I do for my special day? Share your brilliance. And for kicks, spill: what was your best birthday so far?

I'll [show] tell you mine if you [show] tell me yours. Ha.


The Brooklyn Boy said...

Take the day for yourself. Indulge in a whim upon reading the morning paper. Eat junk food, go fine dining, visit that museum you've been meaning to go to or just walk around town. Window shop. Splurge. Watch a movie. Watch two. But remember -- it's all about you.

My best birthday? Tough call. But I did quite enjoy going to Rushmore Waterslide Park in South Dakota during a cross-country camping trip my fam took the summer I turned 11 (10?) Some random family saw the color-coordinated poster-sized calendar my dad put in the window of our station wagon, noticed it was my birthday and left a cute note on our windshield. That was pleasant.

Also, here's an early cyber-smooch from the BK: :*

Vittoria said...

Cupcakes. Cuuuuuuuupcakes.

molly said...

Drunk, mid-day shopping.


More drinking and being 'those' girls who fall down laughing on the street and in the pizza place.

Coming up soon - only another week for you!

(vixenchick) said...

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Brothers Blog said...

Happy Early Birthday :-*

But I definitely agree. I never used to celebrate birthdays until starting with my 25th. Each year there after it has been an extravaganza. lol.

Favorite was the 26th. I was in vegas and wish I could tell but you know what they say about vegas. lol.