Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Family Ties

This procrastination thing is really, really cool. You get to catch up on blogs, youtube if you're rebellious, check your transcripts, eat, watch a little TV, and reflect on life, all while your homework (and WARM COZY BED) waits patiently for your return.

Anyway, I have two younger sisters. We all look eerily alike. Middle Sister and I are quite different, though, as I've noticed (Plus, ohmigod, she's going to prom this year. We're three years apart. I am a geezer). Anyway, while these differences can sometimes be quite pronounced. She thinks Plies is cute. I do not (have you SEEN him? Ew. Never would I ever). She likes Cooler Ranch Doritos (blue bag), I like Classic (red bag). She's way more popular in high school than I ever was (even though, it must be said, my fewer friends were of better quality than her many acquaintances). She will have a date to prom. I did not.

That last one deserves a little exploration.

I didn't mind not having a date. I actually didn't even care until I noticed five people--an odd number--piling into the limo. My mother, however, was comically disturbed that I had to buy a single ticket. Well, there was nothing comical about the argument that ensued when she realized that not only was I dateless, but also not combing the dregs of my high school to find one. Yes, the boys that inhabited my high school were dreg-worthy, certainnly not date-worthy. She thought I was going dateless to spite her. I told her there was precious little I could do if no one asked to escort me to prom and it didn't bother me enough to go out and find one myself. And to this day I still can't imagine who I would've gone to prom with. So I figure it was meant to be. However, I also hope against hope that one's prom date isn't any indicator, of, like, who she's going to end up with later in life or anything, because then I am, to coin a phrase, ass-out.

But I have digressed.

When it comes to Middle Sister, I am pleasantly surprised to find that on some things, her and I are hilariously alike. Behold the rare similarities between the proverbial sisters Bookworm (me) and the Social Butterfly (her):

-Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Both of my sisters are picky eaters. I am not. But we could both live for days at a time on PB&Js. During the summer, we probably have.

-Rush Hour 2. Every time we head to a family function, I have this DVD in my purse so that when things get boring we can sneak into a bedroom and watch the antics of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. Seriously, me and her will sit and roar with laughter watching RH2. And "Rush Hour 3," come to think of it. Oh, and "Clueless." We grew up with that movie.

-Impressions. My comedy turnover ratio is about 60 percent, meaning that out of 10 things I think/say are funny, only six of them actually are. However, MS and I sit in the kitchen and recall events and imitate its characters for hours. It's how we bond. The same thing applies with movie lines--our quote battles are legendary.

Although I wouldn't be surprised if the aforementioned things were all MS and I have in common, obviously we like having each other around, if only simply for comedic purposes. Yes, she gets on my last nerves sometimes and I want to give her a good [bitchslap] pinch, she has my back and I have hers.

She still steals my clothes though. That's a trait 17 years in the making.


Anonymous said...

Aw, this is really cute. That's actually quite a lot in common - friendships have been formed on a lot less!

Don't worry - if it is an indicator of future life me and alllll my friends are going to single cat-loving spinsters. Come join us, it's gonna be a blast!

Me and my sister have about that much in common, if not less. I'm putting it down to the fact that she's sooo much yunger than me but I think it's more fundamental than that. She actually likes the outdoors. What's that about?


Lucky said...

Outdoor things. Yick. That is one thing both of us, nay, most of us, abhor. And rightfully so.