Monday, April 20, 2009

Young, Black, and Absent

'Kay. I am watching the CW and trying to do my paper. Finished Gossip Girl (amazing duh) and now onto One Tree Hill (not so much).

Why can't they get Skills a black/African-American/colored/negro love interest??????

There are no young black women on television. Young ranging from teen dramas (see above) to like, Grey's Anatomy. There is seldom an attractive black female character on a TV show, and quite frankly, I'm sick of it.

Well, we can include The Game which is totally like the best sitcom ever. But anyway. If we don't include the genre (read: black, usually shuffled to UPN--may it rest in peace) shows and just look towards mainstream TV, pretty/desired (NOT just lusted after) AND complex leading ladies never have brown skin.

The pretty part is important because as black women we want to be desired and sweetly courted, too, not just objectified or given the one-off role of stripper. For example, on Grey's. The female characters were supposed to be smart AND bangable, which they were. Except Miranda Bailey. Now, never say I don't love Dr. Bailey because God would strike you down as a liar. But. On the show she's the maternal character, more harshly put: the Mammy figure. She's older than the other ladies, married with a child, and she's never had a love scene four or five seasons in.

I'm just sayin'. "Girlfriends" is off the air. "One on One" is off the air. "The Parkers," "Moesha"...hell, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air only dated black women (and he dated a LOT). Young black gals gets no love, it seems.

Ok, I'm outta here. I have so much incomplete homework it's scary.

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