Friday, April 10, 2009

Going Nowhere

I am being held prisoner in the world's busiest airport.

This morning, I actually tried to catch a 7am flight (standby, bitches) but it was full when I finally got up to the counter out of breath and sweaty. I cannot tell you the obstacles I had to overcome to fnally stumble to that gate, all for naught. I think I actually lost consciousness for a second when the guy said 'we're full." I wanted to collapse, spread-eagle in front of gate D21 and catch my breath/contemplate life, but somehow I did not.

My original flight was at 9:30am so I just chilled with my blackberry. However. That was oh, three hours ago as my flight has been delayed, mangled, chopped, screwed, thrown around and drop-kicked through the mud. I have no clue what's going on, let alone whether or not I'll make my connecting flight (somehow, I doubt it but hey).

I've found ways to amuse myself, of course. I assess people's traveling habits: comfortable in sweatpants vs. Stomping through the terminal in high heels and tight tops (stupid). People who piss and moan about the delays vs. Those who play amusing games such as this one to pass the time. I've seen the same cute airport worker push a massive trash can back and forth like eight times. Also seen many seating changes--some folks really cannot sit still. I want to say "dude the plane's not here standing in like will not make her come faster." I was saving a seat for this girl but the woman who came to take it looks like she's fought folks way bigger than me so I kept my mouth shut.

From my seat, I look at people's shoes, traveling companions, food choices, and have listened to the bartender across the aisle keep customers happy (she has a weird voice though). Speaking of, I could use a drink. It's 5pm somewhere and I've been through a lot today. Damn not being 21 yet.

This gate agents are totally incoherent. I'm sure they mean well and Southern State's tornado watch has not made their job easier but they are the Three Stooges.

Trying not to fall asleep and save my nap for the plane-if we ever get on it-but I'm exhausto. Plus I don't want to miss any of the changes that are bound to occur the second I close my eyes.

And the worst part is having no one to yuk it up with...I've been sitting in damn near silence for like three hours! But blogosphere (and twitter) you are here. Here you are. Never leave me.

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Anonymous said...

Aw honey, that sucks!
I hate hate hate when planes are delayed. Which seems to be always!
But you'll be there soon :)