Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Floating On By

I feel restless.

It's the time of year. I remember feeling like this around the same time last year, and probably the year before that. Like I'm floating by on autopilot with nothing really exciting and shiny new to catch my eye. You know how they always say not to wear jewelry in the water because it attracts sharks to the glimmer? Either I'm not a shark or nobody is wearing anything pretty, because Lucky is bored. Along with being stressed, tired, and busy: these things are not mutually exclusive. Work is fun, I guess, but I need a shake up! I changed my hair...thinking that would count. Um, no, it did not.

Usually around this time a boy would peak my interest. Remember last year when I got hella drunk*at Top Chef's house, where the Smoker made his first onscreen cameo? I left for break two days later. And thus it all began. So in some ways I'm right on schedule. I guess. In the olden days I would have already sent The Boy a Facebook message, but something about this time feels different, like that would be a waste of time. Plus I am scared now of making the first move (we are assuming that FB messaging is a Move) being futile because, after all, if he was interested he would have reached out first, right? Do you see why I yam what I yam?

*Maybe liquor is the answer.

Spring break is coming up, one bright spot. The gang's going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Fun and sun should be fun! I made a rhyme. Anyway. I have the money (thank you, Big Sports Network!) and a bathing suit, what else do you really need on vacation? Oh, now I'm having happy thoughts--who doesn't need a vacation? I get paid on Friday, maybe I'll do some pre-pre Spring break shopping. Or I could do the responsible thing and save it for the trip.


Exercise is yet another option so that we look good in said bathing suit.

*more crickets*

I'll do what I can. Myrtle Beach in 18 days!

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