Wednesday, February 18, 2009

She Works Hard-ish for the Money

OMFG work is so boring. There's nothing to do right now. As exciting and fast-paced as the wonderful world of sports is, there is some down time. The period around a little after halftime to a few minutes into the fourth is usually the dryest of the game, and tonight did not deviate from this highly scientific theory.

All of my usual methods of work-related entertainment are failing to keep my attention. My iPod is on, I took a little nap, and ate some Wendy's. I've sifted through all the new pictures of [Kobe Bryant] All-Star Weekend and read most of the comments on VSB. Usually I would turn to Facebook or anything else on the internets but my boss is doing this annoying thing where he looks over at my computer just as I start to have a little fun. Hmpf.

I'm being semi-productive though, right, by using this time to update? Go me. Today is BFF's birthday. I texted her, no answer. Even though we sorta smoothed things over, we haven't spoken in so long I feel like we're BFF's in name only. In practice, you are not supposed to avoid calling said BFF for fear of the awkwardness that no doubt has ensued as a result of not talking for two months. This saddens me greatly so let's move on...

...To how I passed That Boy and he did not seem to [feel the fire of my lust] notice me. Funnily enough, I remember passing Tex in that exact same spot last year, to similar results. So I made the executive decision** to take the L on this one. I've seen him twice since Motown Lover introduced us and let's just say the fireworks have not sparked; his interest surely should have peaked by now, but um, no. And I am not in the mood nor spirit to go man-chasing. Therefore, that's a wrap. Next!

Or...not. Am I being dramatic again? What say ye?

**Yesterday my boss used the term "I'm going to make an executive decision" with a totally straight face. What a goober.

PS-the word "ladyboy" is hil-ARIOUS to me. Go ahead, say it: ladyboy. Hahahahahaha.

Rinse and repeat.


Bobby_2010 said...

Stop being a PUNK!!!!! Talk to him if you see him!! I mean even if nothing romantic comes of it...networking is what school is take the opportunity to get to know someone new and learn from the courage it takes to talk to damn-near strangers!!

(vixenchick) said...

i concur with bobby. talk to him!

love you, lucky charm! : )



Lucky said...

A punk is what I am.

Easier said than done, folks! For example, what am I supposed to say to him?

*eagerly taking notes*

Bobby_2010 said...

"Oh, hey! Motown Lover introduced us at the Masquerade the other day. How have you been? Oh yeah I saw you at the Gala the other day too, how'd you enjoy it?" something along those lines...maybe