Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dream Killah

Today I had probably the only day off I'll have in the foreseeable future and I spent it sleeping. Well, I was in my bed reflecting on life and the crazy-ass dream I had last night. It was a multi-part production.

First there was a wedding. It was mine. Except it was a little chaotic, as in unorganized and poorly-attended. And, horror of all horrors, THERE WAS NO GROOM. Not that the groom wasn't late or we couldn't find him, but HE CEASED TO EXIST. My DAD was up there with me. I'm cringing in humiliation even as I write this. So why was there a wedding? I have no idea.

Then, it was like a crossover episode with Grey's Anatomy, Izzie, Dr. Bailey, and George were there and there was a dress involved but the details escape me. And I was Izzie and Izzie was me. And also, I was trying to escape by going up and down endless stairwells.

Oh, and then I was in the front seat of a red sports car, well on my way to second base with an unidentified male. At a loss for words, I am.

I'm stuck on the "I had a wedding but no groom" part. What on earth could that possibly mean? WHY at my subconsious wedding, was there no groom? That better not be a sign of the future. Well, except for the making out in an expensive car business. That part we can keep.

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