Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer's Begun

I start my internship with a WNBA team tomorrow. The first day always makes me nervous, I like an established routine, where I know where the vending machine is, folks aren't monitoring me, and most importantly I've made friends with my fellow interns. Even though at my last one the other two interns were whack...I mean, we barely saw each other and the guy intern was always trying to outdo/outwork me but I ended up being recommended for the freelancing job and everyone liked me so there. Anyway. But during the summer at TV Station the other interns were fabulous, so hopefully this will be the same way. It's Media Day, which will be hectic but fun, oh Lord I really can't think about it because I really will be nervous and unable to sleep. So wish me luck.

PS: I had given up on Grey's Anatomy right around the time Izzie started having make-believe sex with Denny, but I started feeling bad and re-watched all the episodes after that, and OMFG. When I finally watched the season finale, I cried. At the kitchen table, hunched over my laptop. It was amazing. Of course now that means I have to stew the whole summer and wait for season six to begin. Which, despite my earlier efforts, I will be watching.

PPS: NOT SO BIG AND BAD NOW, HUH, CELTICS?!?! BWAH HAH HAHHHH!!!! I'm still mad that Larry Bird stole the ball, if you can't tell. Even though I wasn't exactly alive at the time.


The Brooklyn Boy said...

You'll come up aces, today. Promise.

PPS You're a haterrrrrrrr.

Vittoria said...

sooooooooo how'd it go?!

also, could not POSSIBLY. agree more?! about grey's.

Lucky said...

BB: thanks, man! and when it comes to the celtics, hateration is in my blood!

V: i posted about it, finally! and girl. i woke up this morning thinking about the part where meredith finds out that george is the john doe. i literally gasped, screamed "IT'S GEORGE!!" and ran away from the laptop...