Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Internship Update

Sports journalism is the ultimate fan experience. There have been sports reporters who hate sports and can be objective, and yes, you do get burned out sometimes, but for the most part, the access granted is unbelievable.

It's so weird that I can't quite explain my first day, maybe because nothing's really happened yet? My first day was Media Day, where the team does all their promos and goes over PR stuff, which was fun. The younger players were pretty nice, and some of the old heads were distant--typical veteran stuff, I guess. Everything was very open, it wasn't like a fan event, but everyone knew they had a job to. But it was also quite laid-back because everyone in their was supposed to be, you know? It's still weird having access to players and whatnot, because I'm still young and very much a fan, so guess it's good that I started off with a WNBA team or teams/sports that I don't really follow like that. If my first gig would be to interview, say, the Cavaliers or the Mavericks or, dear Jesus, the Pistons, I would straight-up faint. So it's all good. My job/internship is at the actual arena, so I could potentially see players/coaches/OMG HALL OF FAMERS THAT I'VE SEEN ON TV. Whew.

There were hardly any black folks, and no other interns from what I saw, which may be kinda lonely :( but we'll see. Also, there was no viable eye candy (double boo and hiss!) but the arena is a big place, there has got to be man-meat lurking around somewhere. And boy, oh boy, if some of the NBA players come back around preseason time and I'm still here, I may just flatline. I'm gonna say it here and now: it's my goal to meet/be in the vicinity of an NBA player (from the home team) before I go back to school. *shiver*

Also, I interviewed for another internship with a PR firm yesterday, and she offered me the position on the spot. Since I want to go into media relations, this gig will be great for me, and I don't want to sound like I'm complaining. But. Both of these internships are unpaid. In this recession, I get it, but...I am free labor. Yes, these gigs will help me in the long run, but right now we are in the short run. The short, unpaid run. Le sigh. We'll see what both of these gigs hold. Whenever I first start a job/internship I find myself overwhelmed with the responsibility. Like, the excitement is overshadowed by the fear I'll fuck up. But hopefully I won't. Right? Right? Guys?

For serious, sometimes I still feel like a little kid playing with the grownups, even though they all take me seriously, it's like I still can't take myself seriously, you know? I still can't believe that people think I do good enough work to offer me these gigs. It's weird when your dreams start to come true.

Sidenote: I'm watching Maxim's Hot 100 List for the zillionth time and Marisa Miller is just... average to me. I mean she's pretty but not the hottest Victoria's Secret Angel by far. Just sayin'.

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