Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday Kind of Love

SCORE. Mom just returned from weekend trip to New York and I think she and my aunts may have relieved the city of Brooklyn (I KNOW) of its supply of knockoff luxury items. I woke up to a kitchen full of lovely various "designer" drool-worthy goodies. There were treasures for everybody, including a big purple Dolce & Gabbana purse and a sparkly gold makeup bag for me!

Can anyone guess what this is? Gross, right?

Give up? It's the product of a culinary experiment gone wildly, wildly wrong. Microwaved-to-mush chocolate chip cookies, to be exact. Yum, huh? DON'T JUDGE ME: I ate them. Just like that. I may have reached a new low. Or was it a new high? They were delicious!

Ooh Head Over Heels is on! About the woman who moves in with models and falls in love with a guy who works for the FBI! And the mafia and fashion industry is involved! And Freddie Prinze Jr. and Monica Potter are in it! I love this movie.

New purse, cookies, and a bad chick flick? Am currently in happy place.

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