Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Shindig

If I were to ever have a swanky yet laid-back dinner party in which I could invite anyone, I would have to have two: one for the older more sophisticated people and the other for the young partiers like myself. Or hell, maybe one big one. Amy listed her dinner guests, and here's mine. I'd invite my own friends, of course, and no entourages allowed!

They Seem Fun:

1. B Scott.
2. Bethenny from Real Housewives of NYC (even though she'd probably leave early as there's no one for her to talk to)
3. William Sledd (ditto. Well, maybe he and B. Scott would chat)
4. Day 26 and the group formerly known as Danity Kane
5. Dwight Howard (he seems funny)
6. Amy Winehouse
7. Travis from Gym Class Heroes
8. Keri Hilson
9. the cast of Gossip Girl (but I don't know why, I just would)
10. Oprah (she probably wouldn't come but I'd be remiss not to invite her. I'd wedge her in between me and B. Scott at dinner)
11. Amy and Vixen Chick (because I like, love them)

Most Certainly Not Invited

1. Kyle from College Hill: Being gay does not give you license to be venomous without substantial provocation.
2. P. Diddy: he does too much, plus tension between him and Day 26/DK would kill the vibe
3. anyone associated with the Kardashians: and I know they'd try to sneak in, too...
4. Lil' Wayne: well, maybe if he popped in for a sec then left. Trouble follows him.

Decor: Bestey Johnson meets Kimora Lee Simmons. See ya there!


Anonymous said...

Aww I love you too :)

Nice list, although I'm betting Amy Winehouse would bring her fair share of trouble too! Just keep her off the vino...

Oh, and if you fancy sitting me next to Chace Crawford, I'm not going to complain ;)


The Brooklyn Boy said...

I have a WICKED Dwight Howard story that verifies your belief in his humorousness, but requires email. Hit me up.

Lucky said...

Amy: your namesake would obvs have to stay away from the vino. OBVS. and re-Chace? consider it done!

BB: omg will do!