Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Como esta?

Yo estoy un poco cansada. Y tu?

Right now I'm studying and preparing to write a paper. Roommate and I are by ourselves in the room, waiting for Cali Girl to call and take us over to La Casa BK.

Last weekend, Sidekick, Roommate, Cali Girl, Sistah Girl, Charley the dog, and myself went (duh) shopping. At Nine West I tried on a pair of what Roommate lovingly dubbed "Tranny Shoes." They were hunter green satin platforms (of course) with a bow over the peep toe. I thought they were absolutely darling, as it happens. Anyway, the guy and girl helping us were AUC products, which was nice. The guy was an English major, and he asked me who my favorite author was. I felt stupid in saying Meg Cabot or Sophie Kinsella or any other frilly, chick-lit type authors. But they were all I could think of. Which got me to thinking, maybe I need to up my reading ante a little bit. I know my area is journalism, but literature is literature. I haven't read what would qualify as a good book in a while, and the one I did read I found incredibly boring ("The Road" by Cormac McCarthy, if you must know), which scared me. I'm not trying to be all highbrow or anything, but one cannot live on dessert alone. Although I rarely have time to read anything right now, let alone a deep, juicy novel. Face it, if I can't squeeze it into my daily blogroll between Dlisted and All About the Pretty, it just might fall through the cracks.

Today was a good day. My Renaissance Lit book came (finally), so now I'm just waiting for the Shakespeare one to grace me with its presence. Dinner was good, the West End Mall was of course entertaining, and I have a productive night ahead. Plus I wore my streetwalker boots today (again, Roommate's words, not mine), so that was nice. Walking through the caf is so much jazzier when Michael Jackson's "Streetwalker" is playing in your head. Speaking of which, his 25th Anniversary Edition of "Thriller" came out recently. One of the photogs on The Paper had it, I think I want it for myself. I just downloaded "Off the Wall," after all.

Okay, no more dillydallying, work awaits me. I might have to stay up late tonight, and I'd rather get a head start now as opposed to the wrong side of 1am.

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