Thursday, February 21, 2008

Leave Crocs Alone!

Lol..."Leave Crocs Alone" is a funny William Sledd video on youtube. It perfectly mirrors my sentiments about those God-awful "shoes," Crocs. Why do people wear them? Why? Do they just go, "Ooh, yeah, that outfit would look so cute with my bright orange Crocs"? Whenever I see someone wearing them, especially on campus, it makes me want to slap them. Hard.

It's over between me and the Runner. He was being a bit of an ass when I swung by today. Science Guy was asleep not 5 feet away and I didn't wanna be all in his face when he woke up (I hate it when I wake up from a nap to find that people have been watching me sleep), but Runner didn't care, he basically ignored me when I said I didn't want to stay in the room. His back was to me, and he was on his computer, so I quietly shut the door and paid it. I was turning the key to get inside my dorm about ten minutes when he called. I totally pressed "Ignore." And put "Do not call" next to his name in my phone. He's not holding up his end of the bargain, to just be someone I can turn to to put me in a good mood. Instead, his moodiness adds extra drama to my life. Therefore, he has to go. I know, so melodramatic, right? I can't help it. This situation has become a mockery of itself. Bye, Runner. Good times.

I was in a right state today. Being everyone's go-to girl, while an honor, is exhausting enough, but when people don't take your advice it makes it seem pointless and frustrating. Also, working in a male-dominated field is no easy task when ego and politic get in the way and you're the middle-woman trying to please everybody. I wish I could just be in my room for a week, no meetings, no boys, no social activities, nothing. The only thing that's actually consistent is my academics. I like the discussions that we have in my "Shakespeare" and "Renaissance Literature" classes; I feel engaged and intellectual. I've been to practically every scheduled class or meeting, which tells you how busy I am. Spring break is coming up, hopefully that will be my chance to unwind. I kind of don't want to go on a big trip; it's hella money and I don't need a guilt trip plaguing me on top of everything else.

For my viewing pleasure, here's another pic of RiRi and Chris Breezy ( Feel the cuteness.

Whew! They look like a normal, attractive young pair. Someday, homies, y'all will spot me and my boo inadvertently looking super-adorable, and your little hearts will flutter, just as mine does when I see this "almost-couple."

I had the oddest dream two nights ago. I was last in a processional on a Viking-type boat, hands full of luggage. Then, I have to run through a wintry trail to catch up will everyone, and randomly, a pixie-cut lady appears and says, "It's not me. It's you." As if I've been chosen for something. It makes me run faster. Weird, huh? Speaking of the cosmic sphere, there was a lunar eclipse in Atlanta tonight. It was right outside. Looking up at the silvery crescent of the moon, I felt positively tiny. I didn't mind not being the center of a universe of expectations and anticipations, even if it was just for a moment.

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