Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Desperately Seeking

A member of the male species available for requisite boyfriendy activities. Inquire within.

I woke up this morning afraid to face the day, but it wasn't half as busy as I thought. I have a meeting with a woman from a publishing group about a possible internship over the summer. In New York City, of all places! I want to work in the division with authors like Sophie Kinsella, who wrote the Shopaholic series, which I love, and Danielle Steel, and romance novels! That would be awesomely cool. Hopefully it goes well, I've been known to ace an application then subsequently blow the interview, so to speak. Well, actually, she ambushed me with an impromptu phone interview, and wonder of all wonders, she still wanted to meet with me afterwards. So I must bring the A-game. I really need an internship this summer...and the fact that it takes place in NYC, my dream city, is icing on the cake. Wait, Elements of Style abhors the phrase "the fact that." Revising: It's icing on the cake that the internship is in NYC.

And now, my daily Chrianna...nope, can't do the "blended couple-name" ish. Tried and failed. Anyway, here's the best picture of Chris and RiRi yet (thanks Young, Black, and Fabulous!)

Squeeeeee, right?!?!? Here they are in Jamaica, where yours truly wants to go soo badly. Reports say that the couple was playfully making out and Chris was kissing her neck (swoon) and held her above water like that so she wouldn't get her hair wet. Yeah, girl, I feel you! Even though if CB was smart he'd sweat out that perm anyway later that night :).

I finally got my hair done, praise Jehovah. Before I was wearing my new gray and burgundy knit beanie that Mom sent. As cute as it was, it was, admittedly, kind of homeless chic (especially worn with the requisite hoop earrings). I'ma kill 'em tomorrow. If I make it to bed soon.

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