Sunday, February 10, 2008

Immaturity is the New Black

Apparently. I'm rolling my eyes at this new trend.

Once again, I'm located at the BK Casa, a home-away-from-home. The girls are out; it's just me, Charley, and the residents of Seattle Grace Hospital. And my Ren Lit paper, which I am so terribly afraid of, by the way. I want to take it to the teacher on Monday before its due date, but even then, there's only so much a teacher can do during her office hours. I fear that academic English writing just is not my forte. Which is detrimental to my being an English major, it seems. It's killing me that my major classes are so difficult for me.

Ooh, this is the GA episode where Team Burke-Christina essentially falls apart (it aired on Thanksgiving last year so you know it was good). Who's to blame? Is only Burke's head on the chopping block if he's the talent and Christina's just an intern/accomplice? Is Christina being too controlling in her quest to keep Burke's tremor a secret? What the hell is Dr. Hahn's problem? This whole catastrophe would have been avoided had Derek (not my McDreamy) been un-self-centered long enough to realize that Burke shouldn't have been cleared for surgery. Yes, I remember the episode very well. Sad. Ah, Grey's Anatomy, how I love thee. It's been going down a little this season, but hopefully after this writers-strike/hiatus, Shonda and her homies have tons of juicy, heart-wrenching, poignant, yet funny material to take this show off of bypass and push it completely in the land of the living.

This morning we watched Notes on a Scandal. 'Twas not bad, not bad at all. It was that genre of British movie, the kind where it's always gray outside and most of the characters are, well, kind of ugly. But all that aside, the movie, with its crazy ending, was really good.

I have an article due tomorrow that I categorically do not want to write (as always). I'm rolling my eyes just thinking about it. But it's too late to back down, and I suspect that I'll pull this one through, yet again. I'm trying to tighten my game up as far as studying. Recently, my academic prowess isn't as slick as I want it to be, so it's time to start organizing, prioritizing and...damn, I can't find another word ending with "-izing." Anyway.

Uh-oh, Dr. Bailey is pissed, watch the hell out. I wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley. And for that reason, combined with the fact that she's on the wrong side of 4'11, is why I love her.

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