Friday, January 9, 2009

This Week Has Been One Big Hot Flash

So. I'm annoyed.

I haven't properly talked to BFF in...awhile. I would text her and get nothing in response. Since, like, before Christmas. I'd start to get worried that I wasn't keeping in touch, send another text, get nothing, get more worried. Eventually, worried turned into "annoyed." I didn't want to jump to conclusions, so I tried to reserve too much annoyance. "Maybe she didn't have her phone," I'd think. But on yet another attempt, I wrote, "where have you been? Is everything ok?" and got back "I'm ok, in [city]." Relieved that she wasn't laying in a street somewhere dead, I responded with a "did you get any of my texts?" You guessed it, no answer. Cue actual annoyance. This hasn't' been the first time she's blown me off, by the way. Finally, she texted me a "Merry Christmas," but by that time I was annoyed--I think I responded, though.

Didn't hear from her until she called while I was at a friend's house on New Year's Eve. Still annoyed, and not wanting to be rude to my host, I texted her saying I was at a friend's house and would try to "ttyl." But a part of me didn't want to talk to her just yet. Why return her calls when the same courtesy hadn't been extended to me?

Earlier this evening, she sent me a "we need to talk." Well, text: I have a hanus cold/massive throatache. She said she didn't have her phone for 10 days, but she had called me twice in December. Both calls, which, I said, were probably made after I had been texting her to no avail. And anyway, like I said, why would I rush to return your calls when you don't return mine? And, ok, 2 calls versus a zillion texts and writing on her facebook wall just in case she didn't have her phone: all of which virtually went unanswered.

She wrote that I was "making a big deal out of something [she] had no control over. Get over it" etc etc. What fresh HELL? I said something to the effect of asking I get that you didn't have your phone but wouldn't you see that there were numerous texts from me and, I don't know, let me know what's up? I even wrote on your wall in case you didn't have a phone, pardon me for being worried about you.

No response.

Or am I totally tripping? I texted again. Do you see where I'm coming from?

No response.

Hello? One last try. Are we still having a conversation, are we talking when I can use the phone again, or...?

No response, and a blank stare to boot (from me, not her).

So, pretend to be objective, readers: am I, to coin a phrase, tripping? Why no "hey, I'm ok, I'm not ignoring you I just lost my phone" text? Why are you just now telling me this, as if a person wouldn't be annoyed a) at the pretense of being ignored 2) that her best friend is making her feel stupid for worrying about her? I mean, sheesh, at the very least, is an apology out of the damn question? Behavior like this makes me think she doesn't value our friendship. Which, I mean, I know she does, but...fuck...I'm pissed, and I think I have the right to be.

Plus, I have a lot on my plate at the moment. A dear friend is having school troubles at the moment, I haven't registered for classes yet, and to top it okk, I'm sick, I was actually at the doctor the day before it really kicked in. But when he examined my throat he found nothing. I wanted desperately be all Grey's Anatomy like, "You know, Doc, it might be my trachea..." but I didn't. I wish he would have found something because I literally cannot speak. Way to spend my last week at home. I've been living on Ramen noodles (actually I owe my life to those packets of noodley goodness) and knocking back shot glass-dosages of Tylenol--just 'cause I'm sick doesn't mean I can't take it like a champ.

Since I've been sick I've been watching a lot (a LOT) of TV, too--my aching throat distracts me from sleeping so I crawl in my parents' bed and watch Sportscenter and the History Channel...lulls me to sleep, incidentally. A new discovery: I have a thing for, it seems, crimes. But real stuff: Snapped, True Life: I'm in Prison, and recently Dog the Bounty Hunter. Watch it for the actual catches and for, Lord have mercy, the clothes. The whole family has mullets and every female fugitive they catch has horrid eyebrows. But the bounty hunters are actually quite nice to the fugitives once they're caught. And the son, Leland, is gorgeous--even with his grody ponytail. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.** Also, I think I'm gonna recap/reality index Daddy's Girls--that show about Angela and Vanessa Simmons. I couldn't figure out whether or not I liked it.

**Whoa. I just heard the racist remarks he made about, yep, us black folks. He wants his son to break up with his black girlfriend because the family uses the N-word and he doesn't want to be caught on camera using a racial slur. *Crickets* *reserving judgment on whether I watch the show again...*

I know I'm rambling but it's the cold medicine, tiredness, and Taco Bell, talking. Please excuse. Maybe I'll shop to lessen the pain. Yes, my suitcase was full when I arrived in Home State but I will crawl through the mall with a Tylenol IV if I have to.

Update: We are weird. Me and her will "fight" then two days later someone will call/text and be like "what classes are you taking this semester?" We managed to patch things up this morning at like 7am. She was like "why are you still awake?" and I was like "I'm sick" and she was like "Ew" and stuff. The mark of friendship, I guess, when even the wickedest of fights blow over in a few days' time...


.AMBER. said...

hey chica..

is that really that annoying?
my bff and i aren't on speaking terms because for 4 days i didnt speak to her. i didnt answer calls or text. when i finally did respond she got all smart and shit and i was like whoa dude cool out. and left her alone.

now were not speaking. im not apologizing for not wanting to be bothered.

just wondering.

happy 09.

Lucky said...

Hey girly, Happy New Year

I can understand not trippin about 4 days, me and her are on a looser schedule than that lol but I've been trying to get hold of this gal since a little after Thanksgiving...

I've always been kinda anal about returning texts-if not right away like, eventually (ha), esp if I haven't had a phone for a min or it seems like somebody's really tryna get in contact with me, just in case it's something important

Naturally Sarcastic said...

Maybe it's me, but blatantly ignoring or disregarding a text is like walking past me in the hall way and not speaking or acting like you don't see me saying "hello"'s just rude as hell!! And that's not something a bestie would do IMO.

As for Dog, The Bounty Hunter...LMAO! He caught so much flack for his "racial slur mistake" that he's paranoid like a mug!

Lucky said...

@ NS, exactly, right? But I also think we hold each other to a higher standard or something...I actually updated the post and we texted earlier...we put each other through a lot LMAO but she's my girl...

*secretly watched Dog/Bounty Hunter this morning*