Monday, July 28, 2008

Bear with Me, My Mind is a Jungle

Yummy. Pretzels are good. I've been around the world (not) and the best pretzies ever still come in the blue bag at the titian shopping emporium that is CVS.

Left TV Station early, to, apparently, my own detriment. As soon as my ride arrived is when there was actually semblance of an assignment. But I wasn't about to waste all that gas, so I departed. But tomorrow (well, the next time I go back, Wednesday), is a new day. Funny-ish: today a woman was named the new GM of the station and on her tour of the station, she came up behind me while I was on Oops. Hopefully my non-work wasn't too evident, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was. Because such is my life.

Got into nice, petty little squabbles with various family members almost back-to-back; contemplated over and over the joys of living alone. Had to hide in the basement with a movie and my laptop for solace, along with my beloved pretzels, que claro.

While on the quest for those deliciously salty snacky-snacks, I narrowly avoided a collision in the CVS parking lot. For once a near-accident wasn't my fault! I had to honk my horn, which, even against the rudest of drivers, I never do. It was that serious, y'all.

Question: does Lord Voldemort ever have to go to the bathroom? I can't imagine him thumbing through Entertainment Weekly while, you know, peeing. Oh, wait, boys stand up, don't they? But what about...well, never mind. Also, how come there's never any mention of showering or daily ablutions in the HP septology (pretty sure I made that term up)? Hmm. Golly I love that Ron Weasley.

Over the weekend, I discovered that I suck at all things financial. After buying a (really cute) top and undies from Forever 21, I mentally calculated my expenditures and nearly fell out. I tried to prioritize my purchases, but, um, epic fail. It was supposed to go (in order of importance):

-...shit, I forgot the order already. I guess that's my problem. Well, I know food was at the bottom of the list and makeup, nail polish, and underwear was somewhere in between. But I am weak in the face of pretzels, the shirt was in a truly majestic leopard print, and the undies were on sale for 99 CENTS. What would YOU have done?


(vixenchick) said...

I would have gone for the undies,girl!

Vittoria said...

there certainly are bathroom things, like when neville talks about the room of requirement spouting a proper bathroom when the girls popped up and lavender cuts in and says "and thought they might like a proper bath, yes".

or something along those lines. i need a harry potter intervention.

anyway, that voldemort question made me spit out my diet coke. HILARIOUS. good thing i aimed away from the keyboard.

Lucky said...

VC: I am so glad you agree with me. I am not alone!

Vittoria: I am the wrong person to try and cure someone of Harry Potter addiction, seeing as I am something of an addict myself :)

How excited are you for HP and the Half-Blood Prince movie?!

Bobby_2010 said...

all I know is you need to plan on seeing that with me! I wanna see it now!!!

Cara said...

Yes, I too would have bought the undies.

And as for:

"today a woman was named the new GM of the station and on her tour of the station, she came up behind me while I was on Oops."

Oh my gosh, she is soooo totally going to ask the IT Department to load up your web page history.


lol :-p



Lucky said...

Ack, the horror! I would, for all intents and purposes, be fuckity-fucked if that ever happened. And for that I try to stay off of Dlisted, but it's getting tough to maintain my distance!