Monday, July 27, 2009

Five Random Thoughts About Me

Because I'm feeling self-aware:

1. I hate losing things. It grates on my nerves and keeps me up at night when I've misplaced something. I will tear my house/car/dorm upside down, and if I still can't find whatever it is, I will seriously question everybody nonstop until it turns up. Sometimes it works, sometimes I have to suck it up and just buy a new Fall Out Boy CD. Even years later, I'm like, but seriously, I wonder what happened to that sweatshirt/necklace/picture?

2. Despite lots of evidence to the contrary (ha), I really think I'd make a good girlfriend, or dare I say, wife? Not for awhile on that second one, but people always say to me, "I honestly don't know why you're single!" Yuk yuk yuk. Irony aside, I like to imagine that I'm the sort of girl you'd want your brother to date. Anyone got a brother???

3. My favorite music video is "Bad" by (surprise, surprise), Michael Jackson. The dancing is intensely impeccable, it's a fun video, and I always thought MJ looked sooo sexy in it, with his all-black, chained-up outfit, and Jheri curl! Second place? Smooth Criminal--the ensemble dance after the chorus is my favorite part. Oh, I could go on and on...

4. I'm terrified of sinkholes. Utterly and completely terrified of them.

5. Most people find tardiness tantamount to the highest level of uncouth behavior, but I don't mind it because I'm always five minutes late myself. Well, I don't mind up til ten minutes. Anything after that without a phone call is, indeed, rude.

Anyone else have random minutia about themselves?

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