Thursday, July 2, 2009

Working Girl, Interrupted

Working with a professional sports team means there are a lot-- A LOT--of random people floating around. Just like literally working in a big place gets less confusing, eventually you start to recognize the dozens of people.

Except we know how good I am at isolating myself in a crowd of people.

My desk kind of faces a wall (that sounds soo lame), and during games, I feel like the other PR interns they have stuff to do, and they are, well, as anti-"reaching out" as I am. So we sit next to each other awkwardly.

HAHA, and they have to wear these disgusting red polos. And by disgusting I mean tacky.

Last year, at TV Station, the other interns were girls and we got along swimmingly and gossiped and whatnot, even though they'd been there a whole month and some before I got there and I thought I'd be the odd lame-o out but noo we bonded over licking hundreds of envelopes and hiding from our boss and taking internet personality quizzes when we were supposed to be, well, not doing personality quizzes.

Anywho, I guess I've only been around the PR interns a few times so maybe by the end of the summer we will have become chummy and I will have found one of them cute. That last part is kind of a stretch but hey.

But in the event of folks (like MY MOTHER) saying that I didn't take the reigns in extending the hand of friendship, um help, my surely more sociable readers. Give me some graces. Even though besides this one insignificant detail of not really having anyone to talk to, I totally enjoy working (interning, whatever) at The Arena.

I wish I worked at The Office. If Dunder Mifflin was a professional sports arena.


LiLu said...

I do kind of work at The Office... sans the funny. Not at all the same...

Lucky said...

Welcome (I think?) to tGitG!

Girl, I knew the corporate lifestyle wasn't for me (too early lol) until I saw The Office...but you know what they say about the grass is greener, you just confirmed it!

Yours Truly said...

I don't do offices that I have to share, so the fact that you are able to even show up puts you many steps ahead of me!

Lucky said...

I lurrves privacy (cubicle!) so I can avoid having people breathing down my neck while I work in my own (procrastinating, laid-back) way