Monday, July 6, 2009

Very Little To Show for Myself

I opened up this blog window with a purpose, wanting greatly to tell y'all something witty and heartwarming, but I have nothing except for honorable intentions, that is.

For realsies I don't know what to say! Nada, zilch, zippo, the inside of a donut!

So yes, so I don't have an actual post but the point is I tried, ok?

Regale me with tales of your Monday, for I spent mine on the couch. Yes for days off!

Update: my mother loves us enough to raid Sam's Club for us to she can later complain that we eat too much junk food. For breakfast I had half a banana nut muffin and Arnold Palmer. For lunch I had half a chocolate muffin, a mini-bag of Doritos, and Coke. For a snack I had more Arnold Palmer. Clearly I need help. It's summertime and when I get lazy I eats. If I'm not gonna exercise, I at least have to stop scarfing down everything but Precious' dog food. Help. I did try a dog biscuit once. In my youth. Well, a few years ago. Don't ask.

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