Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Domain

I'm in that portion of the summer where everything is everywhere. Lord have mercy. My bedroom, my sanctuary, my boudoir is in utter shambles. Shambles, I tell ya!

As is, coincidentally, my life. I think the two occurrences may be related. Ok I may be exaggerating the "life" part but the room part is sadly, sadly true.

Looking around, what do I see?

A sombrero on an open suitcase full of shoes. A shopping bag of underwear (that I could not afford) next to a pair of Nike Hyperdunks and leather computer bag.

There are clothes and unmentionables alike hanging on many a horizontal surface (the dryer was broken so I had to line-dry EVERYTHING, 1950s style).

A very, very unused (yet fully blown-up exercise ball) that will someday obstruct my walking path.

Empty Dairy Queen on the ironing board.

Books littering the surface at the head of my bed (they used to be in a tidy pile but Lord only knows what happened).

Just randomly reflecting on my room and, well, le sigh. Also I love The Office. That is all.


Anonymous said...

My room is exactly the same. I haven't unpacked yet and there is just stuff everywhere! And I'm terrified I'm gonna trip over my sister because she's taken to sleeping on the floor because it's so hot!


Lucky said...

Haha my sisters and I used to sleep on each other's floor when it's too hot, now I just sleep in the basement! And don't get me started on packing and unpacking, I can leave it for weeks! I was good about it this time, but as you can, no...

DBaby said...

Now look.......

Lucky said...

I know I'm semi neat in Southern State (except for around finals time but I mean hey who isn't, at home I get lazy. I'm getting better though, I clean every weekend