Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pardon the Interruption

Don't mind me, I had to try out the "strikeout" html code which I have trying to figure out forever while I'm watching B. Scott on YouTube getting ready for bed.

Hang on... *hits "Publish Post" and crosses fingers*

Ahhhh yay it worked! Oh, the things I will say without saying. Now all I need is a new template and this blog will be well on its way to a due intervention.

You've been warned Stay Tuned!

Today I forgot to take my phone off of "silent" after barely escaping the boringest job ever work, and later on I noticed somebody had been blowing my little Blackberry up. I then received this text (verbatim): "yo is this old girl from the dollar store?" Er, what? I started mentally backtracking ("did I meet anyone in the dollar store? Wait, when's the last time I've been to a dollar store?") and just called the guy. He asked me if I was, indeed, the girl he met at some random store. "Nope, sorry." He apologized, but then I could tell he was weighing his options on whether or not trying to holler at me would earn him an epic curse-out. I saved him the trouble with a "Yeah, not me. Sorry. Have a nice day." Click.

I got off the phone laughing. That dude got played in a major way. And damn she must have been fine too enough for him to call twice and send a text. And this fool had the nerve to call again, after I told him I wasn't her!

I tell ya, it's a jungle out there.

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