Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dipping My Nib in the Company Ink...I Wish

HAHAHAHAHAHA, those piteous souls.

While my fellow countrymen are droning on and on about The Wasteland, the boringest piece of crap "poetry" on the face of the Earth, I am reading...THE OVER EDUCATED NYMPHO!! And guess what her new boyfriend's name is?

TEX. He must be sexy, then. You can't not be with a name like Tex. Trust me.

Yum: I've been surrounded by hot guys all day. At work, while the super-duper fine man who works there (besides my boss--he's cute too) spoke to me (for once), here's what happened in my head:

Him: "Blah blah press this button blah entry point blah video..."
My dirty mind: "What nice hands you have! Better to throw me around the bedroom with, my dear."
Him: "Yaddy yaddah tape deck yaddah timecode..."
My dirty mind: "Let's make a baby/let's do something crazy/let's reach out/and love one another..."
Him: (bending over to get something under the table--not a FOOT away from me)
My head: "Lucky, do NOT caress his back and/or ass. You will get FIRED."
Him: "Did [my boss] teach you how to [complicated video thing]?"
My dirty mind: "I bet you could teach me a lot."

I have to go now. I'm blogging in a semi-public place and can't risk my cover being blown...


DBaby said...

you need help lmao

Lucky said...

Yes, I need some help trapping him in my love lair wearing nothing but Apple Bottom jeans and boots with the fur (me, not him. God.).

molly said...

ooo, I love a work crush. Makes the hourly wage just an added bonus ...

Lucky said...

Girl, I have not so a job as much as an unpaid my work crush IS my hourly wage!

DBaby said...

and if I ever catch u in some tacky ass Apple Bottom jeans, then we'll have to have a whole 'nother convo.

(vixenchick) said...

Dang lucky you got it bad!

I love you!


molly said...

Then can they 'really' afford to fire you for a little sexual harassment ... ?

Lucky said...

VC: He is worth it. Trust me, boo!

Molly: Good point. You are so wise.