Friday, September 26, 2008

Worth Looking at NASCAR Footage All Day For

Work wasn't bad today. Don't you hate it when someone teaches you a process, and you think you understand it until you have to do the whole thing by yourself and you're all, "Derrr...wha?" That's how it was today. I was in the corner of the room, silently freaking out that I couldn't get the stupid machine to work and hoping that someone, anyone, would notice me sitting there like a dumbass and save me. Then I swivel around in my chair, and in walks Hot Boss. I swear I saw a halo of light surround him when he walked through the door. He comes over, pushes a few buttons, and boom, we're in business. The best part is, he didn't know just how much I had no idea what I was doing! Whew. I can't keep having close calls like that. Hopefully Boy Intern can break it down to me Monday morning...

You know how sometimes you think that even though you're in a room full of people, you haven't really interacted with anyone all day so you figure that when it's time to leave you can just slink out unnoticed? Well, that's what I thought today at work, too, until I actually got up to leave for school and sweet dulcet tones caressed my ears:

Hot Worker: "Ah, [Lucky], you're taking off?"
Me: "Yeeahh, I have to go to class..."
Hot Worker: (Laughing slightly) "Sorry you had to hear us argue about baseball all day!"
Me: (Attempting relaxed chuckle that hopefully doesn't sound like Fran Drescher) "Oh, it's ok, when basketball season starts I'm going to be all up in it, too, so get ready!"
My head: "Complete sentences! Way to go, L!"
Hot Worker and other guys: (Laughing in agreement) "Sounds good! Have a good one!"
Me: (Walking in what I pray is a graceful manner) "Byee!"
My head: "Must get out before you faint or trip on your kitten heels. Walk with a purpose!"

5 minutes later:
Car radio: "My mind's telling me noooo/but my body/my body's telling me yessss..."

Yes, yes, and three times YES!

Later that evening, as I left Brother College, a girl passed by me wearing a Pistons sweatshirt. Eager to fellowship with another fan, I said, "I like your sweatshirt." And she said, "Oh, it's my boyfriend's. He's from [same city as me] and he really likes the Pistons." After a little small talk, I got in my car and thought: Hold the HELL on. There is a boy somewhere at Brother College who's from my state and is a Pistons fan? Such a creature exists? And more importantly, why isn't he with ME?!!?!?

If for no other reason than for the sake of the team.


(vixenchick) said...

Hey Lucky!

Sounds like you got it bad for your boss! I didn't know my sweet little Lucky could have thoughts like that! : )


DBaby said...

of all songs to come on lol

Lucky said...

VC: LOL! I think it's the glasses. They trick people into thinking that I'm conservative and sometimes even prudish. How lil' they know :)

Dbaby: No, honey, it was COMPLETELY intentional. I have R. Kelly on my Ipod for moments just like this!

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

LMAO!! Awesome!