Sunday, September 7, 2008

Preparing for the Circus

In the interest of getting to bed at a reasonable hour, let's make this quick and dirty. Not having a phone, I spent the weekend on my own island (You should really get one. They are awesome. There is ice cream) doing homework, eating, and watching Grey's Anatomy. For once I turned in my article waaaay before deadline. So yeah, go me. Now, of course, I need to go grocery shopping to replenish my dwindling supply of foodstuffs, no doubt a direct result of my solitary weekend.

The biggest shout-out in the world goes to Vixen Chick: her life is as crazy as crazy can be right now and she is thugging it out fabulously. As the song goes, You betta WORK! :)

My internship
starts bright and early tomorrow morning at 9am. Sheesh. I'm excited, though, I guess. Nervous trumps excited, though. In case you're wondering I am going for on-the-safe-side professionalism so I will leave all things "leopardian" in my closet. For the time being.

[Current] Roommate just returned from her long business trip accompanied by her loving boy toy. After enjoying my nice stint of being alone, it seemed like nothing had changed because once again I had to sulk to my bedroom (that has no cable or internet, mind) because he had selfishly perched himself on MY (ok, Roomate's) couch during MY America's Next Top Model premiere. Roommate would no doubt follow suit and three is, so I've heard, a crowd, so I bolted. Shouldn't that be enough to experience in my fragile state? The answer you are looking for is "no, it is not." Because when I finally reclaimed the couch later, they came downstairs to share a passionate kiss in the doorway for the world, namely me, to see. Oh, did I say "see"? Impossible because the lights were off. I meant "hear." As in, I could HEAR them KISSING: giggle, kiss, slurp (dear God), giggle, smack, kiss. Never harder had mine eyes been glued to something as they had been to those low-budget Video Music Awards in that very moment.

World, I get it. I am single. Thank you for reminding me yet again. At least you're thorough.


Bobby_2010 said...

OMG....girl, the UNIVERSE is not..I repeat, not conspiring against you. It's trying to motivate you!!! (I'm thinking that positivity will help you make moves that help you no longer be single!!)

dejanae said...

came thru from vixen chick's spot
like what i see/read?
hate when folk gotta do all that gushy shit
save it
cant u see i aint gotta man?

molly said...

Ha ha, the Universe is a little bitch. So funny.

ps: HEARING people make out gives me the creeps. I can still remember the worst ones: camping in high school, when The Kid got drunk and made out with my college roommate during freshmen year's Welcome Week, a bad stint in a youth hostel ...

But then, I guess it's somewhat hypocritical to judge. Two weekends ago I made out while friends were in the room - but we at least had the courtesy to only kiss when they were passed out and only when the AC would turn on every four minutes. Otherwise, that was just too quiet and awkward.

It's still gross though.

Afrodite said...

Slurp! Lmao!!!!

Girl, I was living the single life for two and a half years so I've been there. Now that I am in a relationship, I do have the decency not to parade it in front of my single friends faces. Hang in there.

Lucky said...

Dejanae and Afrodite: welcome! I'm glad y'all can feel my pain and I'm not just being bitter LOL

Bobby: *rolls eyes*

Molly: it IS kinda icky..but who am I to stand in the way of true lurrrve? Or, hell, lust?