Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quotes from The Weekend

"Ok...that was a red light..."
"My body is a vessel for pleasure!"
"I need a club outfit."
"What is he drinking?" "Liquor. Straight liquor."
"I thought we were going to the sex shop!"
"I was gonna order from there but the lady has something on her lip. It looks like herpes. I had to walk away."
"I just had a fake panic attack."
"What did you order?" "A Big and Tasty." "Ew. You mean a Big and Nasty."
"Do you feel sexy?"
"If I had to injure myself I'm glad I did it dancing to Beyonce."
"He's too much for me."
"He said I was talking mess about him yesterday. The gag is, I was."
"Those two guys are fucking. I can tell."


DBaby said...

I love it!!!!

(vixenchick) said...

can i hang out with you next weekend? please? lol

i love you lucky!

Kaitlin said...

haha! you crack me up always!

Lucky said...

DBaby: LMAO, right? I had so much fun writing it...

VC: Girl, please do! XOXO

Kaitlin: I try. Lord help me, but I try L)