Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Date Above the Mason-Dixie Line, Thanks

Dear God. I feel like I have the mother of coke-bloats. I think my hectic schedule is starting to take a toll on my body, because I haven't been feeling too hot in the past few days. And by that I mean I woke up last night feverish with a headache and stomach pains. I was up a whole HOUR before I had to be awake because it hurt too much to lay down. That should just not happen. Urgh. I'm exhausted.

Thank goodness: a bunch of frat boys registered me to vote last week, and I got my voter's registration card in the mail the other day. One less thing I have to stress over. Hur-rah.

Bet: I wonder if I can find a boy by Thanksgiving? Talking it over with Motown Lover this afternoon about my staying in Southern State for Turkey Day instead of going home led me to place a hedge bet with myself.

"Maybe you'll yourself somebody and y'all can have some turkey. And dressing," he said, voice dripping comically with innuendo.

Eh, we'll see. It's all for fun, not a big deal (smirk). After all, I "had" (and I use that term very, very loosely) somebody last Easter and it was whatever.

At Paper Meeting today, Sports Editor took it upon himself to tease me about, oh, I dunno, everything. During practically the entire meeting we flipped each other the bird, whispered obscenities, and drew signs of the all capital letters on notebook paper variety. He was especially perturbed when I informed him of my "no dating Southerners" rule. A rule that I strongly abide by but he thinks is, in defense of his home region (he's from North Carolina), batshit insane:

Me: "I mean it. I'm over Southern boys."
Him: "You shouldn't take it out on all Southern boys just because the last one you talked to--"
Me: "The last THREE I talked to."

That, in my opinion, says it all.


Jayne Dough said...

your over southern boys??????? GIIIIIIIIIIIRL ur trippin. haha. im from the midwest. college in the south. ummm thats all i talked to. oh and i had a jeresy boyfriend. i liked him. so i guess besides ny, nj and d.c. the south is where its at. =)

Lucky said...

Me too, Midwestern bred, Southern ed! Before I got here I liked the idea of Southern boys..until I actually MET/talked to some. Then off came the rose-colored stunna shades LOL. But who knows? Maybe some Good Ol' Boy will sweep me off my feet!

molly said...

Nothing wrong with the midwestern boys though! They are pretty cute (this coming from a girl who has had odd crushes from those east coast ones, for some odd reason). And I like the rule - made to be broken, no?

Lucky said...

I am ALL for Midwestern boys! Well, really anything above Ohio (geographically speaking, Ohio isn't the South, I just have a grudge against the entire state. It's a sports thing) will do!

molly said...

Ooo, I also hate Ohio State - my team is playing them in a few weeks. Will be a great game.

Lucky said...

Molly: YES. Finally someone understands! I hate anything Buckeye/Ohio-related with a passion.
Rock on.