Monday, September 22, 2008

Call Me So I Can Make it Juicy For Ya

Yes, Lil' Wayne. Yes.

I just downloaded Weezy's Tha Carter III and Lloyd's Lessons in Love last night and WOWZA. I'm not that big of a Wayne fan, but both of them are already on the Ipod. Lloyd's album is, simply put, that hot, HOT shit. "Year of the Lover" is like Chris Brown's "Take You Down" to the next level of sexayness:

I'm a catch you in the shower while you dripping wet.
I'm a come and kiss your neck, you gon' kiss mine back.
How sexy is that?
Rub your 'til you're dry, put your body on the counter.
You gone say, "Do that daddy." I'm gon' say, "Okay Mama."
Wrap you in a towel and bring you over to the bed.
I'll watch you spread and get in between your legs.
Now, I know that you won't give my loving to no other man.
We on top of the covers...

Boy, stop! And that's just one verse! It's official. Mr. Long Hair Don't Care could definitely have it if he so chose.**

**Hell, Chris Brown could, too, now that I think about it. Ok, ok, I always think about it.
I bet they both could put it down...sorry, I'm stopping. I can't help it. Honest. It's like I have dirty-mind Tourette's Syndrome or something.

I can only say so much in this post because this song clouds my mind and turns me into a puddle on the floor and that amount of viscosity is not conducive to typing. Also, I have other non-sex song related things to do. For example, I have a paper due tomorrow which I am TERRIFIED to turn in (let's just say I didn't do so hot on the last one. Or two). So any and all good vibes tuned my way would be greatly appreciated.


(vixenchick) said...

Hey girl! Ok, I'm not a weezy fan, but Lloyd?!?! I wanna braid dudes hair so bad! And Chris Brown?! I need that lil young boy in my life! I saw the Take You Down video and I felt like a pedophile because I felt excitement in my happy place while watching him dance, lol.


Lucky said...

hey hey hey...when Lloyd first came out he was WACK, but clearly times have changed LOL. I can't believe CB is younger than me, but guess what? He can Take Me Down anytime!

Karen said...

I am going to bust an R. Kelly and admit that C. Brown can take me down any time as well.

Thanks for the Lloyd rec -- I've been needing some new music so I'll check it out.

Lucky said...

Karen: Welcome to tGitG! Pour yourself a drink, stay awhile.

What is it about C Breezy? And the fact that he goes with my BFF Rihanna (well, in my head we're BFFs), makes it even better!

I strongly recommend you check out Lloyd's album, esp if you like, well, "sex songs" LOL. But a good CD nonetheless.

yummy411 said...

love your blog!

chris brown was my first boy crush that made me feel like a dirty old women..

Lucky said...

Yummy41: Thanks! Welcome to tGitG!

That C Breezy has turned out many a "dirty old woman," or cougars, as I prefer to think about it :)