Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blogversary Delayed

Hey, all.

Happy anniversary to me! I am that girlfriend who is too busy to remember her anniversary. Shame on me. But mama's got to bring home the bacon! That's right, people. As of yesterday's frantic filling out of W-4s and Direct Deposit slips, Lucky walks amongst the employed. Even better: it's a totally cool job--I work for a major sports league website. When you go to a team's website and see the little game blurb, there's a good chance that me or someone I work with wrote it! Which also means I have the horrid task of having League Pass at my disposal, and having to/getting to watch any game that's on.

Le sigh. Life is not easy.

Tonight, I promise I will write a proper post about What This Blog Means To Me etc etc and in order to do it justice it need not be written on a public computer in the middle of a school day when my cover can be blown.

Until tonight, mon amies!


Amber said...

hey sayin hi.
hope all is well

Vittoria said...

sweetness, i am so happy for you.

Lucky said...

Thankss y'all :]