Sunday, January 18, 2009

Redirecting My Energy

You know how people always say about our time on Earth things like "if we're not looking for The One what are we really doing?"

I'm starting to think that's bullshit.

Love can't be all there is. It just can't be. Well, let me rephrase that. I think we think there's only one kind of love that we should be looking for: the kind that makes people get married and whatnot. What's would be more or just as efficient is a more philanthropic love, of which community service and paving the way for others is borne. I think if we spent half the time and effort we spend trying to get and maintain a relationship into bettering this place for generations to come, many of the world's major problems would be closer to being solved. And that stuff about "success means nothing without someone to share it with"? For me at least, I'd sleep well at night knowing that I'm positively impacting some part of the world in a big way, whether I'm sleeping alone or not. That, to me, is what made Mother Teresa and Ghandi and Queen Elizabeth so great: their love for mankind was bigger than the love for a man (or woman).

I'm only human, though. I'm thinking about going in to work on Valentine's Day just so I don't have to be around happy couples and whatnot. Of course I get lonely like everybody else. Many/most people turn to drugs, meaningless sex, or bad relationships to fill that void. I don't (for one thing I choose liquor--ha!). But seriously, though, what keeps me sane during those sometimes lonely nights is the thought that, after all, love isn't all there is.

And when that doesn't work, there's always Cheetos and Dog the Bounty Hunter.


Naturally Sarcastic said...

The best part about Valentines day, and this is in my honest, humble, and greedy opinion, is the fact that all of my favorite CHOCOLATE is on sale for at least two weeks prior and a month post...which means I can stock up on every milk chocolatey, smooth, creamy, delicious lil morsel and not one person in the store will look at me like I'm an outrageously ridiculous fatty. They'll just assume I'm buying for others, not knowing that I'm going home to put it all in my in a cute lil dish at my desk at work, in a cute lil bowl for my coffee table and in my fridge for later!!!

Gotta love it!

Incidentally this is also the reason I really love Easter and Halloween.

The Brooklyn Boy said...

Love those Cheetos. But only the crunchy kind.

PS Here's your five questions (couldn't find an email addy ...)

1. How often does "this would make an awesome blog post" factor in to your decision-making process?

2. If one person were to find your blog, deduce it was you and read it in entirety, who would most send you into full-on crisis management, and why?

1. How long have you worn glasses?

2. What's something about you most people don't/wouldn't notice, but you're quite proud of?

1. If, for the rest of your life, you could only ... read blogs without commenting or comment without being able to read anything but the post title, which would you choose and why?

Lucky said...

NS-YES girl. I will be buying lotsa chocolate! But the gag is aren't guys supposed to the ones buying it for girls and girls buying it reeks of "OH LOOK SHE'S GONNA EAT ALL THAT TONIGHT. BY HERSELF." Maybe that's just me lol

BB-Nah, man, it's all about the Cheeto Puffs!! Thanks for the Q's...

molly said...

I completely agree with you - sometimes it's not about THE One but The One THING to Love. A passion, a mission, a reason.

And ... maybe someone who is fun to kiss. You know, after all the nobility is said and done. MAYBE.

Lucky said...

YES molly
Enow and again we must lay our so-called "resolve" and "maturity" down by the riverside in favor of all-important smooching and drunkenness (double-points if the two are combined!)