Thursday, January 29, 2009

Queries of Courtship

For all my press-and-curl gals:

When spending the night at your man's house or vice versa, do you wrap your hair or what?

For those who enjoy hamburgers like I do:

Say you're on a date and things unexpectedly get a little hot and heavy. As in hands-under-dress possibility. One problem: you're wearing Spanx. Do you go in the ladies' room and stuff 'em in your purse?

Part Deux: menfolk, what would YOU do if you discovered Spanx during an impromptu trip South o' the Border?

I mean, you can't exactly ignore them. Those suckers are tight.

Do tell.


Jake (of Facts and Friction) said...

I'd laugh and feel a little awkward, mainly for the girl because I imagine she'd be a little embarrassed. I think the taking them off option would be the best one! :)

Elena said...

This has happened to me, twice. It was no big deal. There's nothing embarassing about wearing Spanx since so many girls do it now, especially if they're wearing a dress on a date. Guys even know what they are. Or at least both of these guys knew what they were. One of the guys, my current boyfriend even said that he thought they were sexy. I said "excuse me" and went to the bathroom and took them off (getting out of something so tight in front of the guys would have been a problem). It didn't break the mood.

Lucky said...

Jake: Welcome! I'm a HUGE fan of FF.
Oh, yes, if the guy was nice about it, the next step would be prompt removal...

Elena: Welcome! You have a great BF if he thinks Spanx are sexy. I think they are life-savers but not sexy by any means. Hang onto him, gal, he's a keeper :]

I'd probably laugh on the way to the ladies' room-about the situation and giddiness over getting some under-the-dress action!

Elena said...

Lucky, It's hard to tell whether he was just being nice or what. But he did say, when I apologized for them, "Don't worry, I think they're cute, they're sexy." Now that we're together and he's seen that I wear them all the time, he even likes to flirt with me by teasing me about them. I joke about them too. He thinks it's funny when I refer to them as my "girdle" (that's what they are!) It's best not to be serious about Spanx. I still don't get into them in front of him, though. He'd probably find that too funny.