Friday, January 30, 2009

Tonight's Plans

...involve a basketball game and a pizza in the oven. And Cheetos (duh). And bragging to myself about how I wrote the html code for "basketball game" because of my new job that taught me how. And maybe later some porn.

I am such a single man.

Un/slightly related: Lil' Wayne leads Grammy nominations with eight nods. Lil' Wayne recently held his own on ESPN's First Take with Skip Bayless (he picked every game right--except for the Ravens winning it all). Kate Couric recently interviewed Lil' Wayne as part of a Grammy special. But the response?

Usually nothing but hateration. Seriously, I was on YBF and there were only negative responses to the preview of the Couric interview, which I thought wasn't bad (I've heard way dumber things said in interviews). Not to mention, there was little to no press when Young Money was featured on ESPN, aka the Worldwide Leader in Sports. He blogs for ESPN and he's the voice in that Gatorade commercial. Now, this is just my opinion, and I just started liking Lil' Wayne last year and I don't know how he lives his life, but when you lead the Grammys, have a number #1 album that moves major units for a good minute and make it to ESPN, well dammit, you're somebody. Wayne falls into the love-him or hate-him categories, I think, but he's being recognized by the underground/chitlin circuit AND the Grammys-people, Katie Couric and ESPN! Give credit where credit is due and cut him some slack, is what I'm saying. Lil' Wayne is the Allen Iverson of rap--the "bad boys" of the club that can't win for losing.

I hope Weezy F. Baby sweeps the Grammys.

How cute was it when he called her "Miss Katie" at 1:17? That is some straight New Orleans' country-boy sh*t if I've ever heard it.

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