Monday, January 19, 2009

A Little About "Meme" (Get it?)

Much love to the Brooklyn Boy for this meme! Read and be amazed while I watch the Lakers take on the Cavaliers (after spending ALL DAY at work watching four basketball games back-to-back. There is something wrong with me). Plus, tomorrow, we get to welcome Barack to the Oval Office! I'll be at work, waits for no man. Thank God for online TV!

1. How often does "this would make an awesome blog post" factor in to your decision-making process?

-Erm, when stuff happens I tend to think "ooh I can blog about this!" But in actuality, many times I just open up the comp and start writing...well, it's more like, I file interesting stuff away to write about later. If it's something I'm really passionate about, I know that if I write it right, the resulting post will be (hopefully!) awesome.

2. If one person were to find your blog, deduce it was you and read it in entirety, who would most send you into full-on crisis management, and why?

-That actually happened last year: Homeboy (new name in the unlikely event I mention him again: The Smoker) found it and 'twas pretty much disastrous. So I'd have to say if a guy that I have a crush on and wrote about read it, there would be a CODE-RED affair. But besides that I'd have to say--and it's so typical--my parents. Night-freaking-mare.

1. How long have you worn glasses?

*laughs* Oh, gosh...since I was 9 or 10, I think...and I'm 20 almost half my life! It's to the point where I think I look funny without them because I've worn 'em so long!

2. What's something about you most people don't/wouldn't notice, but you're quite proud of?

-Hmm...I can't think! Let's ab strength, maybe? I'm always eating and laying around so you wouldn't think it, but I can do sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts, all sorts of things. Now if I could get around to actually DOING them...I swear I have a six-pack under here...somewhere...

1. If, for the rest of your life, you could only ... read blogs without commenting or comment without being able to read anything but the post title, which would you choose and why?

-Read blogs without commenting all the way. I'm kind of a lurker by nature, anyway: sometimes people don't see me, but I sure as shootin' see them!

Here are the rules (I think): Write "interview me!" in your comment and I'll send you some questions. I hope y'all had...WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH KOBE???


PS--I'm gonna recap "The Game" again, I think...look out for it...


Anonymous said...

good answers!!!

the interviews are fun.

Naturally Sarcastic said...

I like your answers... I did one and it was cool. Plus, I like the format of this one. The other one was just 5 random questions.

Interview Me...

The Brooklyn Boy said...

Fun answers. :) I was where you were on the glasses, then got laser-eye. Love it.

The phrase you're looking for is "the six-pack's in the fridge" ha. Just gotta run until that door falls off ...

Lucky said...

SS: Thanks, and welcome to tGitG! I always think I give sucky answers b/c I'm used to asking the questions

NS: Comin' right up!

BB: Thanks for the Q's! I saw someone get lasik and it freaked me out horribly. I hate stuff near/in my eyes; I don't even own contacts (nor do I want to!) And ugh, I loathe running--I'm a rare combination of inherently athletic and incredibly lazy...

Lucky said...

NS: I posted your questions to Eternal Sunshine. Can't wait to hear your answers!