Friday, March 21, 2008

Fridays are always Good

I have left my room exactly twice today: to eat lunch and take out the garbage. My booty has been planted to my desk chair for the past two hours. And what do I have to show for it? Perfectly painted nails (toes, too), and er, well, not much else. I take that back, I did dabble in some homework and follow-ups on projects and whatnot. Truth be told, I kind of enjoy days like this where I can take my time lounging around in a wifebeater and shorts and use my Body Shop Body Butter (in Pomegranate, if you must know) on every inch of me as I listen to music and peruse my daily blog rotation. However, I fear I will be bored in a little while, smooth-skinned and mani/pedi'd though I may be. Friends are out, it's just been me. I probably will see them tonight. If anything, I might see *him* tonight...

Or, okay, if worse comes to worst and I really have nothing to do, I might you know, be sensible and fill out internship applications or make a dent in my homework. But that is the worst-case scenario.

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