Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Unleash your inner [insert animal here]

(I had to take this song down, at least until I can get it stop playing automatically. It was driving me crazy, sorry!)

Update: here it is almost a year late. I am nothing if not thorough :)

This song is called "It's Not that Easy" by Lemar. I stumbled across it in my catatonic, post-McDonald's stupor as I surf the web and watch the Pistons play. I dig it. I also have to do some detective work and figure out what the song is I heard on the radio today; I think it's called "She Got It" by T-Pain. It had a nice lil' beat to bump to, so I hope I find it soon. Speaking of great music, I contacted a guy who was supposed to email these acoustic Amy Winehouse tracks and so far, he's only sent one. I really want him to come through, at least enough to send "Valerie" before he calls it quits. But we know I'm impatient; he did warn me that it would take awhile.

I haven't been feeling good lately. Physically I'm okay, I guess, but something just ain't right. I get like that sometimes where I feel a little off-kilter. This is going to sound so odd, but bear with me: I don't feel sexy. I know, right? There's precious little in my life, generally speaking, that would make me feel all goddess-like, but lately I've been feeling less than sexy. Maybe by "sexy" I mean passionate or in-tune or with awakened senses, not necessarily that I feel ugly or fat or anything (although I did try on some shorts and whoo, boy, I need to get back in the gym). Maybe it's because I'm not around any guys or anything but instead am stuck at my house, that certainly would kill any kind of sexy. But whatever the reason, this constantly thrumming unease leaves me, well, uneasy. Hopefully it will change once I return to school, even though I don't want my "inner sexy," if you will, to be determined by what city I'm in. Hence the term, "inner."

Back in Atlanta, Sistah Girl, Top Chef, and co. are supposed to be having a barbecue. I hope it was fun and the weather was nice; there's nothing but snow here.

During Little Sister's orchestra concert, all I could think about was the OPI nail polish color that I have been desperately craving. It's called "Black Cherry Chutney" from the Spring 2008 line, the India Collection. I want it so bad, even though I'm broke. I thought about that and clothes and stuff; when the concert was over I felt like my brain had been on a nice little vacation for an hour and a half. Plus I had my Ipod on.

Little Cousin was here again today. Almost as well-behaved as he was yesterday, but still a handful. After spending many a break at home alone, he wasn't bad company. However, 9-year-old boys seem to make messes for a living...when he left I praised God himself that I wasn't a mother but a babysitter. Read: temporary, part-time, give the child back to his parent, 19-year old college girl on spring break.


Cara Hurley said...

Once again, I must big up your impressive taste in music. My all time favourite Lemar song is called: Time to Grow.

It should be on youtube. If you listen it to enough times, eventually you would get goosebumps at the climax point (oh dear, sounds like I am describing some sort of sex act instead of a!)

Re the concert, are you saying you did not even listen to it, cus you had your ipod on?


Lucky said...

thanks girl..i love songs that give me those kinds of goosebumps!

i actually listened to some of the concert, but 7th graders can only play Beethoven so well lol..but i did have the volume low and turned it off periodically; i'm not that heartless ;)