Friday, March 14, 2008

Fun Day

Another eventful, yet relaxing day as the Pistons grace my television screen.

Spent the whole day in the hair salon today. Whew. At least my hair looks nice. There was this lady there who worked out a lot and ended up having to get a relaxer and a haircut. It was soooo cute! It was a maturer woman's version of Rihanna's cut. And we know that anything related to RiRi is okay with me.

At Border's, I found a black historical romance novel--a rarity. I think I had an embarrassingly loud and happy reaction and, duh, bought it on the spot. The happiness continued when I went to Ulta today and got my nail polish (yay). Black Cherry Chutney here I come. The downside is that the suburban strip mall is hellacious to navigate, what with those soccer moms in their minivans driving like it's coupon day at Kroger's or something; I got honked at--twice! I did have a mini freak-out when I saw this attractive black couple strolling hand-in-hand; they were so cute! All I could do was sigh (scream) "Black love!" to my windshield.

This Taken Boy situation is getting a little sticky. How much of a microcosm is any action committed through Facebook, though? I mean, a general rule of thumb is that nothing's 100% official until it appears in your news feed, but then again, it is only Facebook, not the law. Or is it? And irony of all ironies, but the subject of Oprah today was the proverbial "other woman;" women who had or have had affairs (some were ongoing) with married men. I discreetly hung my head in shame as the guest psychologist read homewreckers everywhere for filth. But wait. We're putting the cart before the horse, here, I haven't done anything bad. Except flirt. And I didn't even start it. So I ain't no adultery-accomplice. My imagination is blowing this way out of proportion. I just need to keep things in perspective.

Remember yesterday's event that I neglected to mention? Well, here it is. Yesterday, Chauncey Billups, 3 time All-Star point guard of my Detroit Pistons, was at the mall answering questions and signing stuff. I didn't wait in the long-ass line because I didn't want to say anything dumb, but I surely took pictures of his sexy self (oh, yes, that stride and that deep voice is sexy on and off the court), which I will post when I get back to school; I stupidly left my connecting cord at school. As we watched, all I could think was, "Oh, my God he's fine. I have to marry an athlete."

Hell, I'd take Chauncey himself were it not for his wife and two adorable daughters. Not to mention, we're on a championship run, and it would be me against a whole city of supporters. And even I'm not that big a homewrecker to put my team in jeopardy...


Cara Hurley said...

OOh, would love to see a pic of your new hair do. I think Rihana's hair style is really sharp and elegant.

Lucky said...

Sadly, I didn't get the haircut, the woman across from me did :(
Maybe I'll have the guts to cut mine someday!