Friday, March 21, 2008

Thank Goodness

It only takes one great boy to make you realize what complete losers the ones before him were.

It's still early so I don't want to put too much stock into anything. It can't be that deep. I am determined not to screw this up, whatever "this" turns out to be. But I have to admit, where we're at feels pretty damn, well, fantastic. I can't even write much because it will probably be cheesy, lovey-dovey fanfare, and I will spare y'all that. Just know that he makes me happy. He makes me smile. He makes me zone out in class 'cause I'm thinking about all the cute things he said the night before.

Even before that stuff, today was actually rather perfect. Everything sort of fell into place, including random stuff like:
-I looked skinny, and my hair was behaving :)
-The weather was incredible
-I got an A on my Basic Newswriting midterm
-I got a freelance writing assignment to interview a cool artist for a super-cool magazine
-I crossed a bunch of stuff off of my to-do list
-I finally saw Cali Girl for more than, like, 10 minutes

Tomorrow (well, today) is Good Friday. I really hope it is. Good, I mean.


Cara Hurley said...

Wow, now this is the good stuff! This just reminds me why life is great! We have to go through the downs in order to totally enjoy and appreciate the ups in life. Mind you, I better start having more ups than downs in my love life. Grrrrr.

When I went offline for several days, a love interest seemed to think I had lost interest, maybe because I had to turn down a date he suggested as well.

Anyway, I found this by chance on youtube and had a good giggle. It's shocking stuff, so be warned!

London chicks are crazy!

Lucky said...

Girl, this boy caught me completely off-guard! I was in a major man-drought, too. Hang in there!