Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Should Come Up with Better Titles

Maybe it's sleep deprivation; I couldn't sleep last night. Whilst getting up to get a 4:30am snack, I stepped in doggy pee, so I had to clean that up before I could grab some saltines and some Girl Scout cookies...After that, I still couldn't catch any zzz's, so I read a little Eric Jerome Dickey ("Friends and Lovers"; it's not as good as "Milk in My Coffee" but we'll see) and listened to my Ipod. Was woken up by Middle Sister ironing her clothes at about 7am, then by Little Cousin standing over me, petting Precious the dog, scaring the hell out of me. He cackled as I remembered that I was on babysitting duty. That's the only reason I'm up before noon (or, okay, 3) when on Spring Break. He's in the other room watching "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and munching on popcorn. Thank God this is a paid gig. I mean, he's family so I'd do it for free, but having a little shopping money is always a plus.

Ugh, one thing I hate about being home in the daytime is fielding calls from telemarketers, I mean, phone survey distribution managers. I used to work as one, so I feel their pain. Still, they are annoying. At least I was a real person, not a stupid machine.

Friday night is still on my brain. That's probably what kept me up last night, trying to fill in the gaps. Also, I couldn't decide whether or not, if this was Tree Hill, I was Peyton, who everyone roots for, and for all intents and purposes, deserves the taken boy, or Carrie, who is nothing more than the homewrecking nanny.

See? They are meant to be together even though he has a girlfriend.

Them two? Not so much. She really is the other woman.

See? Everything ain't so clear cut. And if you think it's silly to compare this to a TV show, well, there are no definite rules when it comes to relationships anyway. Some people ask their friends, some ask experts, I choose to refer to the CW.

Moving on, hopefully I can go shopping soon. I've already compiled lists of what I want from Forever 21, Old Navy, and Target. ON is going out of business, y'all. Sadder words have seldom been spoken, I freakin' love Old Navy. We know what this means though: SALE!!! I really want these cargo shorts, a cute tank, a pair of shoes, and a tote bag from there. I promise I will post pictures soon, along with yet another song leaked from Usher's upcoming album, a ballad (yay!) called "I Can't Win," written by Ne-yo. That Ne-yo can write the mess out of some songs; he is, after all, the mastermind behind the wonderful "Irreplaceable," performed by none other than Beyonce herself.

Again, another thing about being up during early afternoon is that there's nothing to do (read: there's nothing on TV, I left my DVDs at school, have no car and a 9-year-old to babysit). This is why I stay in bed until General Hospital comes on.


Cara Hurley said...

What a charmed life you currently live. I would love to stay in bed all day as well. I'm very nocturnal.

Lucky said...

thank God for spring break, right? I'm such a night owl, too :)