Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hee Hee Hooooo

Damn...I'm watching the Gauntlet on MTV, I forget how much I love this show.

Chile, I'm worn out. The weekend was crazy: We ate at Steak and Ale and our waitress was, I'm sorry to say, a complete and utter bitch. And her 40 year old busboy co-worker was an a--hole who threatened to call the police on us. It was a show, honey. But then we did karaoke and that was funny.

Whoo! Katie is a little beast.

Anywhoo, today was cool as far as my like, two classes, but after classes is when things got bumpy. Random boy stuff, and plus the Pistons lost a heartbreaker (Sidenote: Coral is a G, eff her teammates that's what they get for throwing the mission). Well, actually, that was it, I guess today wasn't that bad. Okay, then, let's move on to the highlight of my week thus far:

...............................Oh, my God, my Chris-Rihanna pictures aren't workiiiinnngggg!! What do I do, Murray!?!?! I NEED my pictures, this is a complete and UTTER disaster!!!
Sorry about that. Freak-out over. Guess I'll just have to double-post tomorrow, then. Crisis averted.

In other news, I need to study for my Renaissance Lit midterm and figure out something to write for my Basic Newswriting class article. I turned in my Shakespeare paper, and I actually think I did well on it. Think being the operative word.

Okay, before I tell you this, just be warned that I know how it's going to sound. When I tell you that I have a little crush on a boy with a real girlfriend (who, sorry to say, lacks a smidge in the looks department--again, sorry), I know that my impure thoughts about him fall into the potential-homewrecker category. Just in case you're wondering. I know, okay?

At least tomorrow I have no classes. Ugh, and a Paper meeting. Ordinarily I wouldn't mind, but Annoying PR Girl #1 bothered me to no end at the last meeting. For real. I wanted to slap her.

Words I am sick of hearing:
-"[insert candidate here] won [insert state here]"
-"change" or "experience"
-"foreign policy"
-"spring break" (because I haven't made any plans yet)
-"my boyfriend" (because I don't have one)
-"bitch" (it's overused; I myself am guilty)

I painted my again nails today. Say hello to a bright, happy coral, compliments of my beloved Sephora. I should've stayed with them instead of trying OPI. Luscious as their colors may be, the formula has an annoying tendency to chip too soon to appropriate the high-end price. Just thought I'd share the benefit of my expertise.

I just had another thought about Off-Limits Boy. But I really am sorry. Honestly and truly.

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